tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

That book thing

Nearest book. Page 123. Fifth, sixth and seventh sentences.

They were part of a gradually growing symbiotic relationship between Maori and Pakeha. Pakeha investors and workers gained access to raw materials for an industry that was highly profitable for the owners; Maori gained access to paid labour and to those aspects of European technology and culture that it suited them to have - and, on the whole, they did so without compromising their Maori cultural identity.

The very first shore stations were established in the late 1820s by Jacky Guard, a former convict and sealer, at Te Awaiti (Hey! I've been there! Good fishing! - Ed) in Tory Channel in the Marlborough Sounds, and by Bunn and Co of Sydney in Preservation Inlet in Fiordland.

We can conclude from that that Michael King (Penguin History of New Zealand writes very long sentences - the third one was two lines from the bottom of the page. Also, I should probably get more interesting reading material - the other close one is a philosophy book. ;-/

I'm supposed to tag people, but just do it if you want to.

Sorry I didn't make the book swap - I totally forgot, had my kid anyway (we went climbing and skating) and failed to see the reminder on lj because I've been a slackarse about reading it.

In other news, I have new second hand skates. They are Salomons. This means something to about three people on my fl, and makes me very happy.
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