tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

What's the damage?

I have a climbing wall shaped bruise on the inside of my right knee. This testifies to my amazing ability to frantically use body parts other than my hands and feet to avoid the 30cm fall that you risk when bouldering. I have been known to use elbows, chin, and bottom for the same purpose, and on occasion have somehow ended up facing outwards from the wall. It ain't pretty, but it's effective. ;-)

I also have a sore wrist in that RSI/OOS kind of way. I had this when I woke up on Wednesday morning, and the only thing I can think of that I did on Tuesday to cause it was leaning on it with my head while watching The Golden Compass. Clearly the weight of my large brain is too much. *nods sagely*

So the credit card is about to be ceremonially chopped up into tiny little pieces, the tuition fees are paid, and amazingly I still get to eat between now and the next pay day. My car has all its legal stickers, the Kiwiburn theme camp and art installation list is filling up and I'm on top of the safety plans and web updates, and the wonderful Kiwi came up with a method to make my own art piece work despite a major flaw that I hadn't considered.

Before you start quoting "Pride comes before a fall" to me, my ducks are not all in a row. There are a few aberrant things-that-look-and-quack-like-ducks-but-are-trying-to-pretend-they-aren't, flapping around in the bushes. I think there are two of them, and I should get them in hand, because I hear they're worth more that way.

I am allowed to mix my metaphors so nyah.

Anyway - my teeth need a coat of looking at. I suspect that my next dentist visit will involve my Very First Filling. There's a thing that feels like a hole in one of my teeth. I'm not sure that it is, because I've never had one, and it doesn't hurt or anything, but I should get it checked out.


I fear both the pain and the bill, and have thus managed to rationalise that avoidance works. But as a long term strategy, I suspect that's a little flawed. So, I've made a deadline for 'within 2 weeks after kiwiburn' for that one. I should have my Student ID card by then, and that should help with the cost, but I don't know the dentists. Can anyone recommend a good one, or explain to me the benefits of being a student in relation to paying less for teeth work?

The other thing is the Ever Dreaded Smear Test. I am overdue, not because I fear it in the 'retaining a modicum of dignity' kind of way (anyone who knows me will know that my dignity got given to someone else - i suspect rivet - at birth), but because my doctor is in Titahi Bay and I am... oh fuckit let's face it, I'm a slackarse and haven't got onto it. So, guess what I'm doing next Friday afternoon? Oh, I can feel your envious stares from here.

You needed to know that. Yes you did. It helps with the 'personal touch' aspect of blogging. Yup.

Where did all this quiet motivation come from? *shrug* Dunno, but I say bring it on. I'm going to need it when it's sleeting and blowing a howling southerly in July and I still have to trek from Wakefield St to the university and back in my lunch hour three times a week, and work late to make up the time.

Actually, I hadn't considered chatting with my boss about getting the time off (about 3 hours a week on top of my usual lunch break of a half hour) still paid, as their contribution to my education. Reckon it'll swing?

I won't be at Fidels tonight, because I'm stuffing my face with ice cream in a feeding frenzy having dinner with my family. But, hi to everyone I haven't seen for a while, and I'll see you all next week.

*points* Look! Sunshine!

[EDIT] Edmund Hillary died today. He was 88. It's the end of an era for New Zealand, and unlike most celebrity deaths, it makes me sad. RIP.
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