tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I am soft and squishy

Bouldering is more intense than climbing. The reason I say this is that when you climb, the typical MO is for one person to climb while the other belays, then to swap around. Consequently you are generally only climbing for half the time. With bouldering, however, it's possible to both be on the same traverse at the same time, and spend almost the entire time on the wall.

This is my excuse for why I only lasted an hour yesterday. And, while my fingers were definitely approaching failure and my forearms were pumped, it was my feet inside my Japanese Foot Binding Torture Devices La Sportive Miuras that gave up first. Yes, I succumbed to pain.

Well, when I got the shoes off, I literally had to pry my toes apart because they'd been frozen into unnatural pointiness and then borne my weight on the tips solidly for an hour, and they weren't keen to reassume their normal position without a fight.

Those of you who wear contacts - it's somewhat akin to having been in a dust storm all day, then partying in a smoky club all night. Then you take the contact lenses out. Know the feeling? Yeah. That's how my feet felt.

But! I now have a project. A sitting start (I never was much good at those), with reaching and fingery jugs (I kid you not, they exist), all overhung. I have no idea of the V rating, I'll tell you when I send it.

*points up*

That was me, getting my passion back. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

And my feet can just bloody well harden up. Rhiannon, meanwhile, is progressing in leaps and bounds (well, more like in laybacks and stretches but you know what I mean). The weight thing has clicked, it's all progress from here..

In other news, I'm being interviewed tonight, for a documentary. I hate the sound of my voice recorded, but it's too late for elocution lessons, right?
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