tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I'll rest when I'm dead

I woke up this morning crying from a failure dream. I hate that.

Yesterday we discovered that the time guides for walking tracks in New Zealand are for unfit people who walk slow. The walk that was supposed to take 3-4 hours took us 1 1/2 hours. And it was very hot and well worth the walk.

These are the Pinnacles. They're pointy. We got this first sight of them after about 40 mins of walking uphill through the bush.

We then wound down through the bush for about 20 mins, and came out in a dry streambed, from where we could see this:

Me: It looks like a penis.
Mum: Yeah, Cock Rock! *giggle*
(10 years ago my Mum would have been horrified if someone said this)

Tommy wanted to stand by it and look all staunch and stuff. I take no responsibility for the wrongness of this photo in light of the previous conversation.

It took about another 20 minutes to walk back down the valley to the car. As a walk, it was fun and not too challenging, and worth doing. I think they filmed some of the LOTR 'path to Mordor' or 'path of the dead' stuff in here, but I couldn't tell you exactly where. It all looks kind of spooky and otherworldly.

And then we met the obligatory crazy people:

Today, we're off to Whakamaru for the second KB work weekend. Back Sunday, then back to work on Monday. This time it's not butts or legs I'm torturing, but arms, with more thistle grubbing to be done. My fake horses will just have to cope without me.

Work is going to seem like a rest I reckon...
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