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I did gallop around the house like a 12 year old girl, because it was horses and horses make it ok to act like a kid.

Mac, who runs Pencarrow horse treks, has the honour of being one of the 2 million kiwis who were in LOTR - him and his horse Jesse, who today was ridden by richdrich. He said they had to gallop hell for leather across a large field waving bows and arrows not holding the reins. It was pandemonium, apparently, as all the English style riders discovered how hard it is to keep your horse straight on legs alone - while the polocrosse horses all went "I get this! I just run till they say stop, right?"


Have some horse pics:

It took quite a while to get everyone saddled up and on a horse, and some people took the opportunity to make friends in the meantime.

As you can see, making friends with your horse, in most cases, involves letting them eat grass. Meet Honey, Cloppers, Waikura, and I never did get the name of the lovely Clydesdale cross, or the guy on his back, but he was neat.

Hard to tell most of these people haven't been on a horse before, eh? Third from left is Jesse of LOTR fame, he was Horse No 376 in the credits (not). Note the interloper. We had a couple of those, including a pretty cremello foal about 4 months old.

Polly may have stayed 12 for the whole ride. Luckily, her horse was about 4 so they were a good match. Meet Floss. Floss likes to run and be in the front. Yay for happy people!

Floss again, just because I know Polly will like this photo:

And here are Ewen and Lyric, and their horses whose names elude me, looking all outdoorsy and completely at home in the saddle:

And here's a beach, a hill, a dog, and my kid. His horse was called One Ton. She's pretty and she looked after him well - he was a bit nervous at first but ended up having a good time.

I put this photo in because it shows where we ended up, and it's the only photo with my horse in it. It's Casper (this is the third time I've ridden Casper and he's luffly) - the one with no rider. Yes, look at the horse, not the view!

Tommy demonstrates how windy it was up there:

All scenic n stuff. It's pretty dry at Pencarrow right now - kind of looks like chaparral. *plays the theme from bonanza*

And now we all know where the martial arts 'horse stance' comes from - it's the way you stand when you've been riding for the first time in ages..

I thoroughly recommend Pencarrow Horse Treks - his horses are good, he's knowledgeable, and the rides aren't just plodding along. He prefers smaller groups (5-6) because then he can do more challenging stuff with you, so next time if there are as many takers, we'll split into two groups - the hooney group and the not-so-hooney group, and go on different days.

Now I smell like horses. I'm not going to shower for a while yet. *breathes deeply*
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