tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Ye of little faith

So while you've all been no doubt relaxing, enjoying a quiet evening at home, or being at work if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, I've been intrepid.

I've been searching for the Pink Moa. Now, the Pink Moa is a rare and shy creature that usually only comes out at night. There are even rumours that it's extinct - but an exciting find in 1993 stirred up interest and encouraged those of us who'd like to believe there are still a few alive. There's been one sighting since, at Whakamaru last year.

I'd heard that Pink Moas might be moving into our area, so I went looking. And I found one.

Check this out:

"Yeah yeah," I hear you say, "Same old blurry shot that could be anything, why are the pictures of rare and maybe mythological creatures always so vague?"

I agree. So I continued my search after dark. It's believed that the Pink Moa is nocturnal and therefore more likely to be spotted after dark, so off I went, camera in hand..

It had enlarged pupils, was attracted to the pretty lights, and asked if it could touch my furry blanket, then told me it loved me.

And I managed to get a recording of its mating cry.

Yes, folks, the Pink Moa is back! Shallower than the Deep End, Pinker than the Green Fairy and more PLUR than Thunderdome! Next sighting will most likely be at Kiwiburn, where it'll be in full cry. Don't miss your chance to see a living legend...

Also, in my research towards finding the elusive Pink Moa, I found this. It tells the story of the first photo on this post, and is quite a good read. I've read lots of these 'moa sighting' pages in my studies. And if there's one thing I'd like to share with the people from overseas who come here..

It's in the South Island. Not on it. IN. As in, in. Not on. IN. Got that? Cool, thanks. Now please tell all your friends.
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