tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Today, Tats is Bored At Work

And, to save myself from writing ranty letters to the Editor (which editor? ANY editor in a storm, I say).. um, anyway, to avoid that which may just place me securely within cantankerous middle age, I've been working on Kiwiburn stuff.

You would be amazed what Regional Authorities require before you can bung on a festival. I mean, it's not like we're doing anything out of the ordinary! *hides 50-foot flame cannon, naked men in bondage, 4000W sound system and homebrewed absinthe behind back*

So anyway, over the last week or two I've been doing my job on the Crew, which mostly involves being anally retentive about safety (remember the 50-foot flame cannnon?) and gathering official-looking bits of paper together into a large wad, which I can then throw at council people and authority people and anyone else who asks. Hopefully it'll hit them in the solarplexus and they'll be too breathless to say "OMGWTFBBQNOWAYCANYOUDOTHATPUTTHATFLAMECANNONAWAY!" until after the festival.

Here is my unspecified list of what needs to be supplied:
    Overarching safety plan and risk assessment document
    Safety plans for each theme camp and art installation
    Evacuation Plan
    Site map showing location of portaloos, main structures, burn sites, evacuation muster point, and theme camps (in collaboration with pombagira)
    List of Contacts on Kiwiburn Crew
    Letter applying for exemption from the requirement to register as a campground under Section 14a of the Campground Regulations (which would mean we had to put in showers and a sewerage system - like that's ever going to happen for a 3-day festival) on grounds of undue hardship
    Programme of activities
    Public liability insurance certificate (1 MILLION dollars!) Sounds like heaps eh? Not if we burn down Tokoroa
    Kiwiburn Survival Guide

Yep, I reckon that's enough paper to do someone an injury if I throw it hard enough, yeah? But I'm feeling rather pleased with myself, because last year this stuff all got sent on 9 January, this year it's not even December and it's sorted. This may have something to do with not having to spend November looking for a new venue after the wankers officials at Tokomaru told us we could use their land but couldn't camp on it - this 4 months into the application process after numerous emails, letters and phonecalls making it clear that camping was required.

There's a conspiracy theory that they got cold feet when they realised we were organised and meant business and yes we would be burning giant art structures. I think they thought we'd just disappear in a puff of enthusiasm and disorganisation, and when we didn't, they scrambled to get rid of us. But, thanks to their withdrawal, we searched for and now have the wonderful site at Whakamaru, support from Taupo District Council and the Mangakino community, and I get to get my paperwork in with 2 months to spare instead of 2 weeks.

Everything happens for a reason, I reckon.

Yerp, so I'm feeling pretty chuffed with this. I fully expect there will be more hoops to jump through, some narrowly averted disasters, and probably we'll skate close to a total fire ban (which was 2 days off last year, when it rained and saved the day), but it's good to know the bulk of the boring stuff is done with, and I can get on with organising my art and the theme camp I'm involved in.

Speaking of which, there was a sighting of the rare Pink Moa last night. Next time, I'll have my camera ready..
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