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So last night, I was surfing pagan forums as I am occasionally wont to do when I'm having a relaxing evening at home. I'm not sure it's the most relaxing thing to do, but it provides me with entertainment, amusement, and occasionally education.

I'm reading a post by someone who's 'having trouble making spells work' and the helpful comments from people as to what she could do to improve her hit rate. A lot of them were based around grounding and centring (ignore the 'for activists' bit, the process is more or less the same if you're not about to go march to parliament mmk?). It's a good place to start, and I'd recommend this visualisation/activity, even if you're not a particularly witchy, pagany or new-agey person, simply because going through the process makes you feel good.

Anyway, the other thing I saw a lot was "Cleanse yourself of all negative energy before starting."

ALL negative energy? Surely this is not healthy. So I consulted with grist. Disclaimer here - he says it isn't real science and that the pagany types were probably not thinking this way when they wrote that, that 'energy' in the pagan sense does not necessarily mean 'energy' in the sense of electric charge, and please don't assume he has anything to do with this idea just because I talked to him about it, mmk? ;-)

What would happen if a person really got rid of all their negative energy?

Well. People, rocks and everything else are made of atoms, right? And atoms are made up of protons (positively charged) and electrons (negatively charged), right? So what would happen (and here I want to say that yeah, someone sitting in a bath full of sea salt would be unlikely to be able to achieve this, if it's in fact possible at all) if a person were to suddenly remove all their electrons?

They'd be left with protons. They'd be completely positively charged. And I learned in fourth form science that like charges repel. So my guess is that what happened next would be

a) really fast
b) really messy
c) probably fatal

It seems to me that going for a balance of positive and negative energy might be an altogether healthier thing to do. And regardless of whether you're thinking of atoms, batteries or woo-woo, this might be a fairly good rule of thumb to think about before getting in that bath full of sea salt.

I'm not sure I'm game to start jumping on the pagan communities and espousing this theory though. I can see some of the 'cleanse yourself of all negative energy' people getting offended, whaddaya reckon?

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