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Hands up who didn't get outside for a while this weekend. Why the hell not? It seemed to me that everyone in Wellington was either in the Botanic Gardens or on Oriental Parade today. I like that about Wellington.

First, there was Friday night's fun at rivet's house:

This is pombagira doing fire poi with snottygrrl framed in the window.

And here's the artist formerly known as Bron, who from here on in, thanks to richdrich, will be known as Flamenchickn, performing Dual Wield on firestaffs. I'm told you have to be Level 20 to get Dual Wield. grist? laoke?.

At some unheard-of hour on Saturday morning, picture me in Rutherford House being lectured about Psychology and learning about such exciting things as course planning, how I can get cheap doctoring, and whether anyone else out of the 50 people in the lecture were interested in Sociology (they weren't).

Then it was off to Mum's to wreak havoc on her driveway treeline and the telephone cable that was too damn close to it. Luckily the guy came and fixed it for free. Also, I discovered that working in a dress, while cool and comfortable, leads to new and interesting ways of losing skin (shown actual size):

All those self-mutilators you see in those communities? Amateurs. I do my cutting with a pruning saw!

*insert imaginary picture here of young South African men chopping out stumps with an axe*

They were not so good with the axe to start with, but by the time they'd done three they had the hang of it. Also, the dyed-in-the-wool farmer in me was impressed on some deep level that when they got blisters, they went and bandaged themselves up, then came back and carried on. They were well hard.

There were also goth pansies:

Purple and black and velvety? They are SO goth.

Then we went to see Charlotte, who's about to move to Matamata. She has an 80s record collection that is vocational. She didn't even know it included this:

Sooo cheesy it's awesome. Also, anyone remember Space Invaders?

This needs no explanation:

In the botanic gardens, I found pombagira, strude1, and this:

The latin name of this suggests to me that at some point in its history, it's been used for something other than simply 'healing' - whaddaya reckon?

And then there was skating. I haven't skated for ages.

I think there should be more skating. Anyone else here into the idea of periodic not-too-hardcore *stern look at dr science* jaunts on wheels? Also, we saw someone on a scooter, several segways, the train guy, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, crocodile bikes and a unicycle. Today was Get Out On Wheels Day, fissure.

And I'm keen to start climbing again, after a hiatus of nearly a year. Being in Fergs this afternoon had that tugging feeling that signals the desire has returned. Anyone keen to do a not-too-carved-in-stone, roughly weekly session bouldering/climbing with me?

And now I feel pleasantly tired, my sawing and carrying muscles have that hurt-that-doesn't-hurt from being used that I always find so pleasant, I can tell I've spent some time outside, I have ice cream and a good book, and all is well with the world.

More weekends should be summery. I wore summer dresses! And didn't freeze. I like it like that. Will I jinx it if I say "Wow this is how it's supposed to be in November"?? I don't care. It makes me happy that for the first time in four years we seem to be avoiding it being winter right up till Christmas.
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