tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

And you thought BZP made people do strange things...

    "Do you like german hard sex movies? They use viagra to stay hard. Try one!"
    "How many times you can have sex a nignt? Triple that time! Order Viagra."
    "Even been drunk and get with the girl? Don't try your luck, insure yourself with viagra!"
    "Do you think girls like muscles? They Like man power! Order Viagra now!"

So there you go, folks! New and interesting applications for Viagra! Viagra as a recreational drug! Oh noes! Won't somebody think of the children?

From another letter from one Mr Smith Innocent of Lome, Togo, Africa, who was apparently willed $12.5 millon US by his late father, who had some sort of political crisis on the way to work and died. Luckily, the old man had deposited the funds in One Trunk Box in EUROPE, so the money is safe, and Mr Innocent now wants to invest it with me for him to claim when he's 25:

"I contact you therefore to confirm if you can absorb me in a partnership in your company or possibly advise me on any investment opportunity in your country. we shall reach an agreement, that you will stand on my behalf and claim this very Fund from the Security Company in Europe."

I am tempted to write back telling him that while I do not have a company that he can partner in, I do have a lovely bridge I can sell him. Or perhaps I should suggest that he looks into investing in Viagra.

I have been reading Foucault. He makes my head go splodey. I wonder if making my head go splodey on a regular basis will induce 'mental fitness' or will it induce OOS of the brain? I seriously believe that if you can damage your brain with overuse of certain chemicals, and if the brain operates based on chemical balances, with different ones being released according to what you're doing with it at the time, then the kind of mental gymnastics involved in reading Foucault could definitely cause brain damage. Either that or I'll end up with a brain that resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cos that'd be sexy, yeah.

Also - still with the stonking basslines, now it's various Nine Inch Nails remixes. I do so love the way they throw their music out for remixing by all and sundry. There's loads of same-old out there, but every now and then you get a real gem - like the Ephexis remix of Bite The Hand That Feeds. Eargasm!
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