tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Conversation last night

Him: "Let's run away and be millionaires together."

Me: "Hey, we could so do that. All we'd need is... *thinks*"

Him: "A million dollars?"

If there's anything in this creating your own reality business, then I reckon all you'd need is a pair of expensive-looking sunglasses and a whole lot of attitude.

I'm tempted.

In other news, my boss has given me the go-ahead to study if I want to. Noises were made about the possibility of a 4 day work week or such, and other noises were made about any decision I made affecting the shape of the work team I'm in as it grows - in the respect that 'Someone' is likely to be groomed for a type of leadership role. Optimist that I am, I'm inclined to think that may mean "We're looking at you, sunshine." And still other noises were made to do with my ability to equate what I'm studying back to my work producing previously unsuspected 'educational support.'

I still have much to think about, it would seem.

[EDIT] For those who are interested, here is the select committee report on the BZP amendment bill (pdf). No real surprises, except in the blatancy of the recommendation in the face of arguments that are acknowledged as valid. tenchinage has something to say about it, and will no doubt say more after having time to get over saying "WTF?" - but meanwhile read it, decide for yourself. Commentary is welcome, I'm curious to see what the not-so-interested people have to say.
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