tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

And my word for today is Misanthropy

One of my colleague clears her throat a lot. "Hrrm hrrm" about every 5-10 minutes. I have offered to bring in my drench gun and give her a dose for lungworm but for some reason she's not keen. Anyway, when she clears her throat, the first 'hrrm' is a normal one, but the second one is high-pitched and lilting - as if she were saying "wheee" but with "hrrm" in place of the word. "Hrrm hHRRRMmm" - over and over again, every ten minutes, all day every day.

I am not feeling the compassion that a more evolved person might feel.

I am resisiting the urge to type in capital letters something along the lines of "If you want people to accept the hand you're offering, you might want to stop telling them that everything they know is wrong and that they are stupid and ignorant before extending that hand. You come across as a self-important git and it's not surprising that people don't want to learn about the One True Way if following that Way is going to turn them into someone like you."

I keep telling myself that banging my head on a brick wall is more likely to hurt my head than the wall. Some people might say different, most likely my Mum.

I am having uncharitable thoughts regarding volunteering for tasks in a rush of enthusiasm and then later dropping the tasks and leaving others scrambling to find a replacement with limited time. I feel that it's better to not stick your hand up in the first place if you can't or won't follow through. Again, I'm resisting the urge to speak up, and instead I'm biting my tongue and feeling resentment.

I am wondering when people at work will realise that putting magazines on my desk in the hopes that I'll pass them out to other people is a pointless exercise. I didn't ask to be delivered NZ Management, and it will simply sit on my desk till the cleaners throw it away.

Also, it doesn't matter how one tries to frame it, JK Rowling is a UK author, not a US one. Nyah.

I may have to get some tongue ulcer remedies for all this tongue biting. I hear bananas are good for that.

Mostly I think I'm just generally cranky, and would be best served by staying in my room and reading books for the next few days. It seems to be going round at the moment.

In Ooh Gosh Aren't I Awesome news, I taught our hoop instructor a trick last night. Colour me surprised and rather pleased with myself. She has taught me about 15 tricks. ;-)

Some time in the next 2 days I'll talk to work about study.
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