tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I'm.... lost for words... almost.

I stumbled across this yesterday, after googling "What is Satan doing" in response to an expression of disappointment from beagl that my photo of the "BETTER DO DRUGS" wristband didn't contain a satanic message.

In which Jack Hyles rants about communism, hippies, books, profanity, drugs, sex education, sensitivity training, other churches, how Jesus was wrong about praying, it's actually all about what church you belong to, short skirts being the devil, and how beating your kids is ok. And then he berates the congregation for a while, then asks them for 10% of their income.

"The first part of the hippie program is to kill your parents."

"God pity you people who call yourselves Christians and wear your long hair, beard and sideburns like a bunch of heathens. God, clean you up! Go to the barber shop tomorrow morning, and I am not kidding. It is time God's people looked like God's people."

"One of the questions on that survey was this: Question 15. "Have you ever heard the American way of life, the establishment and capitalism criticized by a teacher in your school?" Of 230 students, over 150 of them said they had heart America condemned from the classroom. That means that over 63% of our young people here in this room, our Sunday school kids, are having to sit in classrooms where some teacher stands up and tries to destroy the American way of life. That is treason!"

"A ninth grade book, Voices in Literature (1). "Shoe Shine", by Jerome Weidman, Page 21: "My God!" Page 23:"D-A-M-N it." Page 23 again: "D-a-m-n it! My God!" The Long Night", by Lowell Blanton, Page 84: "Well, d-a-m-n it, man." Page 209: "D-a-m-n-e-d-e-s-t thing." Page 235 questions parental authority. "The Sissy from Anaconda", Page 352: The d-a-m-n-e-d-e-s-t rattle snake." "Hell." That is ninth-grade reading. Not only is that not good English, that is not even cultural. That is not even refined. That is not even scholarly--that is heathen-like."

(yes, he really spells out all the cuss words)

"I am weary of these sex perverts, these people of loose morals, these Sweden-oriented teachers (?), and if you are not one of those, I am not talking about you, but there are thousands of them, and it is getting worse and worse all the time."

"I cannot even read it! It tells about a black woman and a white man, the entire story."

"Naturally, when students get together with their teachers for after-school work, at school dances, etc., they see many of their teachers indulging in their favorite past-time, which is smoking dope. Students who would never have dreamed of touching marijuana or other narcotics, even if they knew some students used it, have picked it up easily, many times to prove to their teacher they are hip. We even interviewed students who were scared to death of LSD, but they used it because their teachers told them all about their trips. "

"I cannot even read these words. Homosexuality. Self-gratification. (There is another word for that!) Abortion. Pre-marital relationships, in films such as "The Game", which depicts "a boy's feelings after*****with a pure girl." These are but a sampling of what students are exposed to. "The Game" purports to warn thirteen and fourteen year old girls of the game of love and its many traps. They also learn about sex deviation, illegitimacy and venereal diseases at thirteen and fourteen."

"Half of our kids have been taught in the classroom that premarital sex is all right, and you wonder why some of them are turning out so heathen?"

"About 50 of the top Portland school district wheels, both men and women, recently took part in a sensitivity session, conducted by a University of Portland psychologist. Not wishing to go all out, they removed only their shoes. In another exercise, the school administrators formed a circle, and then took turns standing in the center letting themselves fall backward. Someone was not paying close enough attention, and one participant landed on the floor. The school officials' sensitivity session also called for everyone to close his eyes, wander about in bare feet with arms outstretched and try to identify when their hands touched someone."

You say "That is in Oregon." It also happened at Morton High School. Did you hear what I said? It happened at Morton High School! I would dare you tonight! How many will vouch for that? There you are, dozens of hands are up. It happened at Morton High School. Teachers from the Hammond school system men and women, closed their eyes, blind-folded themselves took off their shoes and felt each other, and tried to identify by feeling each other who they were. That is heathenism! It is going on all over this nation tonight."

"If you belong to a church that belongs to a denomination that belongs to the National Council of Churches, God pity your soul when you face your maker. It is a leftist, Communist-oriented, pacifist, lewd kind of immoral union to destroy everything that is decent about Christianity in America, unless we expose it and fight it."

"You say, "I will pray about it." You do not have to pray about that; just get in a good church. You say, "I will do what the Lord leads." He is leading you out of that liberal church now. Get in a good church. You say, "Where is a good one?" Well, see me after the service and I will recommend one to you."

"I saw a girl and a boy walking down the alley. I did not know who they were, but the girl's legs were long and her coat was about four inches above her knee, and that was her coat! I do not know what her dress was like. Thank God she had on a coat! I said to myself, "I guess you cannot win them all. It is embarrassing, but I am glad she came. She needs the preaching."

"But you say, "Brother Hyles, Junior will not go(to church)." Oh, brother. What in the world kind of parent are you? I dare my boy not to go when I say go. He is seventeen years old now and thinks he might be able to whip his dad, but I have some holds he does not know about. I will wring his neck if he does not obey me."

Ooh yeah, Jack, advocate that child abuse and domination by fear. And the reason for all this ranting?

To get people to send their kids to his school.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your children do not have to go to the Devil anymore. Furthermore, we are opening a college in September of 1972. That means not that a child can start at our schools when he is four years of age and stay there for 16 years. They do not have to go to the Devil."


What a fucking hypocritical, bigoted, controlling, manipulative tosser. I reckon Jesus might have had a thing or two to say to this guy, whaddaya reckon? How do you think Jesus would have dealt with someone who said this to people?

"Somebody says, "I grew up in this church and I did not go to Christian school." You are one of the reasons we feel bad. That kind of arrogant spirit is the very thing I am talking about. Send your kids to the Christian school. "Brother Hyles, I cannot afford it." Eat beans for breakfast, mashed potatoes for lunch, and fried potato peelings for supper and potato soup the next day. We used to go down to the store and ask for a bone for the dog. After you have eaten the bone, then eat the dog. Seriously, get your kid in a Christian school.

You say, "I do not make enough money." Get your kid in a Christian school. You say, "I cannot afford it." Get your kid in a Christian school. You say, "Brother Hyles, I just do not see my way through." Get your kid in a Christian school. "I cannot." Yes, you can. Get your kid in a Christian school.

Give. It is going to take a lot of money for us to do what we are going to do. I mean some of you ought to give some property. You say, "Brother Hyles, what would you do with it?" We may start a school on it. Or we may trade it for some property where we can start a school. Somebody who owns fifty acres ought to just give ten acres to the church, just give it. You say, "Brother Hyles, it is a long way off." You ought to just give it anyway. Give it to the church. How we will use it, I do not know, but we will use it. Just give it to the church. Somebody ought to give enough land for a school in some neighborhood, and when the time comes, we will develop it and have a school there. Give.

Somebody ought to give a thousand or ten thousand dollars. Listen, it is the best money you have ever spent, investing in this kind of money for our children. Also, you ought to put First Baptist Church in your Will. I do not mean nest month, I mean this week. I mean now. Go down to your lawyer and say, "Put First Baptist Church in my Will so when I die, I will still be helping to carry on the program of First Baptist Church and what it is trying to do.

The thing that every person ought to do is tithe. I am calling on every member of this church to give ten percent of his income from now on. Everyone--every child, every man, every woman, every boy, every girl, every couple--everybody! We cannot rise up and build and do what God wants us to do, unless we give. We have to do it! It is time we called a national emergency on the Devil. Let us save our children. "

I cannot believe that people bought this shit. And still do. That sermon was delivered in 1971, but when Jack Hyles died in 2001, 20,000 people were attending his church every week.

20,000 people, people! 20,000 people lapping up this stuff in 2001. And that's only in Indiana.

*cries for the poor kids of those people*

I find it kind of ironic that quite a lot of the things Hyles berates in this sermon are also things that have been given as reasons for the (so I have discovered) mainly US driven international drug prohibition that we all enjoy right now. It's probably no coincidence that Hyles gets riled about hippies, black people, free love, sex education, liberal teachers and communism, all undermining AMERICA - at almost exactly the same time as Nixon declared War On Drugs.

After all, kids who smoke pot or take acid have conversations about things like Why The Hell Are We Involved In This Stupid Pointless War, and What If We Weren't All A Bunch Of Uptight Repressed Capitalists, and Wow, Maybe People Could Share Stuff. (also, sometimes they have conversations about what would happen if they pooled all their navel fluff together, lit it with a colourful strobe light and shot it out of a cannon. but hyles and nixon probably didn't know that) That kind of talk is dangerous to the status quo. Can't have that attitude. Country'll go to wrack and ruin. Who would we use as cannon fodder? Who would work the presses in the car factories if all the kids take drugs and realise they don't want to live like that? Better stomp that attitude on all fronts or before we know it they'll be running the country and telling us everyone's EQUAL or something.

Or, in the words of someone that made me grin: "How many fundamentalists does it take to change a light bulb?"

Fundamentalists: "CHANGE?" *horrified*

Luckily, we have Landover Baptist to make me feel better. "Pastor Orders Men to Only Think About Jesus While Masturbating!" This one, Suffer Not a Witch to Live, has some amazing parallels with Hyles' sermon - only I know it's not for real.

Also, this may be bothering me more than usual because I've just been reading Marx. I am about to embark on Foucault. I wonder if that'll make it better or worse?

20,000 people.

*shakes head*

And in completely unrelated news:

"Cutest girls will go horny and wild when you pull out your new big python"

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I'm not sure 'horny and wild' would be the first thing I'd experience if someone randomly 'pulled out their python' and started waving it around. And yes, I do like my huge rod. It's 12 feet long, fibreglass and in two pieces. It's brilliant for rock fishing, but I actually have more fun with the smaller rod I use for spinning. Thanks for caring.

And.. MegaDik? *splutter*

Just saying.

And remember folks, our thought for today is "Watch out for those Sweden-oriented teachers!"
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