tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Shoot me if I ever grow up properly, mmk?

So MikeE almost managed to get me riled up this morning with his post about the National Party's DNA testing policy. Almost.

Yes folks, this may be a sign that Tats is becoming a grownup. I actually managed to temper my initial WTF reaction long enough to check the National Party website.

"Take DNA from all convicted criminals
DNA testing can make a huge contribution to solving crime by helping police target criminals committing most of the crime. At present, we add to the DNA database only samples from those convicted of offences generally attracting sentences of more than seven years. Under National, every person arrested will be DNA tested. If they are convicted, their DNA will be added to the database. If they are not charged or are acquitted, the sample will be destroyed."

At which point I got pretty riled up anyway. I admit I'm not exactly sure why.

An argument on one side: "It might scare people out of committing crimes. I'll happily submit my DNA because I have nothing to hide."

On the other side: "Why dont they just barcode people like the nazis did and be honest about it?"

Yay for polarised viewpoints based in emotion. To be honest, I don't really know what I think. But I do think these two short lines sum up the basis of support or objection.

I know I don't like the idea. I also know that National (the conservatives for those who don't know NZ politics) are likely to get into power at the next election. And that scares me because of their willingness to apply policy designed to 'hit hard at criminals' without considering the limitation of freedom for the rest of us. Oh, that's right, don't worry, as of December I'm a criminal anyway. Forget I mentioned it. *snerk*

I watched an episode of CSISVUDNAFBI the other night. There was a bit where some woman was being interviewed after a murder. A hair of her colour was found in the bed of the victim. Oh noes! Clearly she was sleeping with the victim, thus giving her a motive to kill him. DNA testing would prove it was her hair, strengthening the case against her.

I find hairs on my clothing all the time. grist hair is easy to recognise because it's three times as long as mine and 'mature blonde'. I put my clothes in my room, they touch each other, and sometimes I find grist hair in my bed. It frightens me that the CSISVUDNAFBI crew would then proceed to use science to prove that I'm sleeping with my brother.

OK then, those of you I have physical contact with. I have easily recognisable hairs too. They're various shades of pink, orange and purple. How many of you have found my hair on your clothing and therefore I'm probably sleeping with you too?

*reminds self to stop moulting everywhere*

On a related but only tenuously note, you know that thing where you're driving along and you pass a police car, and you automatically glance in the rear vision mirror to see if the cop's decided to follow you? Everyone does it, right? Even my Mum. I asked her. I also asked her if she's ever committed a crime. Nope, never. I kid you not, she doesn't even exceed the speed limit or let her car go out of its warrant for a couple of days. Her dog is registered, vaccinated, neutered and restrained. She votes. In every respect she is a law-abiding, upstanding member of the community. Yet she's got the same paranoia about the police as everyone else.

That's the view your country has of the police, politicians. To protect and serve and scare little old ladies. Nice one, John Key, for exacerbating that some more by making sure everyone is treated like criminals even if they aren't. Yes, crime has won when a society's freedom is limited in order to protect them from themselves.

So yeah, delayed, but the rile got me in the end anyway. Not grown up yet. *phew*
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