tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Today, I am tipping my hat to

Cafe L'Affare. That's right. A coffee brand.


Because they are making a line of organic coffee, and selling it at the same price as all their other lines.

I've long held that while everyone knows that organic food is considered better for the environment and more sustainable, a lot of people (including me) don't go out of their way to buy it because it's usually more expensive. For example, 100g of organic instant coffee in Commonsense Organics on Wakefield St is $15.00. The Cafe L'Affare stuff is $6.99 for 200g, and it's real coffee, not instant.

I would love for organic food to make it further into the mainstream. If it were more popular, more money would go to the people who are farming sustainably, and they'd be able to expand and therefore produce more cheaply. At the moment their production costs are so large and their market so small that the only way to make it financially viable is to rely on people's own dedication to the 'cause' making them be prepared to pay more than twice as much for something because it's organic.

I like that Cafe L'Affare have absorbed that extra cost in order to be able to bring organic stuff to people who would like to buy organic but can't afford to double their food budget.

Unfortunately, it only seems to come in filter/plunger grind, and we have an espresso machine. But all you folks with plungers and filters, I say get ye to supporting Cafe L'Affare in bringing organic food into realistic pricing.


Also, salmon is yummy, my Mum is awesome at marching, chatting is fun and I'm looking forward to richdrich's party.
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