tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

That dress is far too short, young lady!

Pics from Saturday!

I look so tiny in this picture. Sadly, you can't see The Boots in this. Picture shiny, red with two inch heels, taking young Will to around 6'5" or so. Giant Blue Guy With Green Mullet FTW!

I said I'd do this. I alway have a dilemma when I participate in memes because they usually say "Repost this message in your blog blah blah" and I feel obliged to do it if I have participated - it's tacit agreement to do so. Yet, I hate putting that obligation on others. So, if you want to do this, repost or not as you see fit - I am not going to oblige anyone to do it, mmmk?

Reply to this post saying you want to take part in the meme, and I will give one (or two, or three) reasons why I think you're pretty awesome. I will also give one (inoffensive) thing that you might be able to work on. Then repost this message to your own journal if you want, and spread the love - as well as the possible self-improvement.

So anyway, something happened on Saturday night that got me thinking. I was introduced to a guy. This guy is very very good looking, and very very gay. The kind of guy that causes women to look at each other, roll their eyes and mouth "Shame." Nice guy, extroverted, intelligent, beautiful, and dressed as Peter Pan. Heheehe, "Hi, I'm Wendy!" *giggle*

I found participating in conversation with this guy very very difficult. No, not because my tongue was hanging out and I was drooling all down my front - I'm a little more subtle than that. No. The reason I had trouble conversing with this guy is because, it would seem, I had nothing relevant or interesting to say. Only the men in the conversation group were 'worthy' of this guy's attention. It was.. interesting, being so completely discounted by someone because of my gender. It hasn't happened since I lived in Dargaville, and spent a lot of time interacting with misogynistic dyed-in-the-wool chauvanists who felt that women should be pretty decorations with a cooking mode but should keep their mouths shut in the presence of men.

Now, I don't think this guy is a misogynist. It was more as if I didn't register as a human being on his radar. It was weird. The first time I experienced this was in the Castro, where the majority of the men are gay, and there's a culture of 'checking each other out' in the street. Dressing the way I do, and looking the way I do, I'm accustomed to being looked, stared, perved and ogled at by members of both genders. Yet in the Castro, I was almost completely invisible. It gave me a brilliant opportunity to observe in a way I don't usually get to. But it was also weird.

Is it because I'm not a potential sexual partner that I became so irrelevant to this guy? I honestly can't see another reason why someone would so blithely ignore someone's conversation in a social situation. I considered it quite rude, but certainly not worth making a fuss over. And yet, I find myself thinking about it.

Is it because I expect there to be some kind of 'sisters under the skin' camaraderie with gay guys? Well, not really. Gay guys are, first and foremost, guys. Certainly there are those that do have that 'girl' thing going on, that you can sit and do each others' nails and talk about clothes with. But guys are guys, and not all guys are into that, and that's fair enough. But I do wonder if there's some kind of double standard here, where it's SO NOT OK for heterosexual men to discount women, but it is for gay men?

Dislaimer: definitely not all gay men are like this, but it's noticeable.

Or maybe I just think too much.

I had ice cream last night, for the first time in two weeks. Consequently, I had very strange dreams. Think The Shining meets Robin Hood. *shudder* It was nice to wake up. And what was that miniature lynx doing in there anyway?

[EDIT] As of now, I'm not accepting any more people for the 'I'll tell you nice things about yourself' meme. It gets too time consuming. You don't have to repost, I don't have to do everyone. Deal?
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