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Well tie my legs in a bowknot!


I got metaquoted. I guess that's one way of getting my message out there. I stumbled on that while researching organisations that may be sympathetic to my ideas - I figure they must be out there. I'm not really alone in my opinions here, and a lot of the work I can see in front of me may already have been done. It would seem, at least somebody involved in the movement for law reform, is also aware of me. Nice. Someone also suggested I join the Libertarianz, so I'll go have a look at their policy. Not sure I want to affiliate myself with a political party at this point, because this isn't about politics to me - it's about something deeper.

And yeah, thanks to a few people, I actually made some progress today. Nice. I also ate fnc on the beach, and laughed at this:

Before everyone gets all offended at my laughter, I have no idea why I find it funny. I think it's possibly because it's a permanent sign, which means they're always hiring, which means that ladies are in demand. And no, the connection between this and my *cough* other interests *cough* is not lost on me.

Anyway - Acropolis Fish and Chips, Strathmore
Cost: $4.00
Fish: Good fresh fish, small size, well cooked.
Chips: A little on the soggy side, otherwise good plain chips, nice and hot.
Service: Friendly, fairly quick.
Notes: Very small serving. $4 is on the low side of prices nowadays, but it still seemed very small. I think I'd only go to this one again in a pinch, when Lyall Bay fnc and Kilbirnie fnc are just down the road. Both are better, both in quality and value for money.

Also - anyone else get put off going to cafes and such on public holidays because of the surcharge? Chocolate Fish lost the business of four people that I know of today because of it.

(still nice to have a day off and it be sunny)
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