tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

And much to the relief of readers of this blog...

I have reached 150 friends! Woot! That means there are 150 people that read this blog, that I know of. I feel tho thpethul! *cough*

But, this got me thinking about the content of my journal. Given my decision the other day to become more public and active in my efforts to initiate social change in the attitude to recreational substance use, the temptation is to use this blog as a grandstand for my thoughts, opinions and rantings about the topic.

I'm very aware that many of the people who read this aren't interested in continual talk about drugs, and I'm also aware that going from random shite that's in my head every day to constant rah rah rah-ing about my personal hobby horse, would be very tedious for others. 'Sides, I like being able to wank on about my subject du jour.

But I need a place to talk about this. So I have created another journal, specifically for discussion, opinion and articles about recreational substance use. It's called tenchinage. It's actually a sockpuppet I made a while ago and never used. Now, it has a use. I know that there are almost as many people reading this that are interested as those that aren't. If you're interested in reading my scribblings on the topic of drugs, please go there. There's content there already, mostly stuff I've already posted here, but some new stuff as well.

If you friend the journal, your name won't show up on the 'friend of' list, and anonymous commenting is enabled. This is so people will feel relatively safe to talk about stuff on there. If anyone knows of more things I can do to help people feel comfortable talking about substance use in what is essentially a public journal, please tell me.

Also, if you know of anyone who doesn't currently read this blog, who would be interested in tenchinage, please feel free to pass the link on to them.

So, um, yeah. I'll probably still talk about that stuff a bit here too, because it's part of who I am. But those who really aren't interested will not be bombarded with lengthy posts about a topic that makes them go *yawn*

*cue huge sigh of relief from everywhere*

This morning, on the way to work, I saw the first pohutukawa blooms. I kid you not. To see them, you'd have to be sitting in the middle of the intersection where Thorndon Quay turns into Featherston St, looking south, at the planting in the tiny park there. They were kind of like stars in that if you look directly at them, they fade out, but if you look beside them, they are right there. In October!

Fidels tonight, followed by haircut, and hopefully fire dancing after that - depending how long I'm tied to the chair for. Last time it was four hours. *meep*

I am wearing spring green again. This is one of the mornings that I miss seeing thirstygirl on my way to work, because I feel spiffy, and I know she would be too, and it's just nice to have a brief "lets be spiffy together" moment before work every day.

Tell me about your spiff today!
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