tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

"Nonono, haystacks are trendy, dahling!"

Today I'm wearing a headband. It has little skully crossbones on it. It's the only one I own.

The reason I'm wearing a headband is that I have crossed that line - you know the one where your hair's ok, it's ok, it's ok for months, and then suddenly one day you wake up and from there on in, it looks like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards no matter what you do with it? Yeah, that line. *phones for a hair appointment*

In other frivolous girly news, you know that thing about how sharpening eyeliner pencils is easier if you stick them in the freezer first, that it stops that *grind grind grind break damn* cycle? Anyone know if it's actually true?

On reading danjite's blog this morning, I came across what I think is a brilliant idea - International Blog Against Political Correctness Day. Yes, it's international now. I have no idea when this day will be, because the idea isn't fully formed yet. It's still in the process of coming up with tenets. Here is what has been suggested so far:
    You must use the term that everybody uses for a minority group (including the minority group themselves), instead of the one the government/your teachers/law/your boss says you should use.

    Diplomacy when giving opinion must be kept to the minimum level required to get through the average nanny filter. This does not mean the nanny filters of government organisations, which object to the word 'gender.'

    Extra points for double-entendre.

    If at all possible within the subject of your blog, risk taking should be encouraged for all, even the stupid.

I don't see this as a serious undermining of respect in society or culture, as some people no doubt will. As a member of a number of minority groups myself, I'm very familiar with the 'use of common terms is disrespectful' viewpoint. But this isn't about that. To me, it's about political correctness taken too far, and about having a bit of fun with the idea. We've all railed at one time or another over the crazy language we're expected to use at work, the current trend-of-the-moment in business terminology, and if you're anything like me, you've probably been laughed at by Native Americans for calling them Native Americans too.

So I will let you know when a date is set for IBAPC Day, and meanwhile, if anyone would like to suggest some more tenets for this exercise in fun and frivolity, please do.

Meanwhile, Oh Noes! My PayPal account is out of date! Even though I updated it two weeks ago, and used it then too!

"Dear PayPal Customer,

To complete your During our Security and Resolution Center regular maintainance it has come to our attention that your PayPal
Billing Information is out of date. The update process is very simple and fast one and it must be completed immediately in
order to avoid any future issues - Terms of Service (TOS) violations, cancellation of service, account suspension or even
account termination. This process is mandatory, and if not completed within the nearest time your To securely confirm your
information please click on the link bellow"

I think people will look at me funny if I start bellowing at my computer screen. Just saying.

My dress is nearly finished. It'll be finished tonight. I have learned patience while doing this - it's a very rare occasion when a clothing project takes me more than a week to complete, but with this one, I'm seeing the value in doing a little at a time and doing it really well. Go me.

My wrist is somewhat better. I'm finding avoidance of round doorknobs somewhat difficult, since my bedroom door has one.

Finally, yesterday I got an email from my boss telling me that she finds it a pleasure to work with someone as professional and competent as me. I kid you not, that's what it said. It's going in the "I Rock" file, for reference come performance review time. Meanwhile, it made my day. Recognition is awesome.
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