tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Owie owie #%@$!()%!!!

I seem to have done something to my wrist. Mostly it's ok, but whenever I do something like grab a round doorknob, or use a tin opener, or sometimes go to use the scroll wheel on my mouse, an agonising pain shoots up my arm, from the middle knuckle through the underside of my wrist to the elbow.


I'm not liking this. My wrists are an integral part of pretty much everything I do. Last night I had to alter the way I hold a needle to do gathering stitches because I couldn't hold it in the usual way.

Things I've done lately that may have caused this:
    Lots of digging over soil with a spade
    Lots of digging over soil with a hand-held garden fork
    Learning new hand tricks with my hoop (one overhead, one round the knees, anyone?)

I am hoping that it's just an overuse thing and that I haven't done any real damage. I'm thinking climbing, dagging, hooping and sewing as things that could be affected by this. Not being able to do these things would turn me into a growly horrible ADD type person who sits in the corner babbling obscenities at passers-by. Grr. Someone fix my life with magic!

In better news, I've figured out that if I pull the ironing board over to my swivelly chair, I can work on it at eye level without hunching over. When I have 10 metres of fabric to sew with double rows of gathering stitches, this makes a big difference. Yay for DIY ergonomics!

Also, I went to the supermarket yesterday, and bought only fruit and vegies. OMG who stole me and replaced me with someone else?
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