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This is a time of day that I almost never see at my house. On weekdays I'm at work and on weekends I'm normally asleep. Can I just say, it's one of the more beautiful times of day and I'd like to vote for us not having to start work till 9:30am so I can enjoy it more often?

Three hours' sleep is not really enough. But I'm up, and I'll put a brave if blearly face on it, and by the time we get to Pukerua Bay I might even feel like doing yoga. Mostly I'd like to stay home and finish my dress and plant the plants Mum and I bought yesterday (we are dangerous in a garden centre when we get together). I made her a new garden yesterday afternoon with her plants, today is for mine. But, after PBay. I made a promise and people are relying on me.

The Fetish Ball was fun, full of friendly, interestingly-dressed people who were in general more respectful than your average club crowd. Although, I'm not keen on dirty dancing at the best of times, and especially not in 6 inch heels with some random woman who's only trying to hook up to turn the boys on. *cough* But yes, fun! I shall now have to see The Fifth Element and Blade Runner, as I was alternately getting told I looked like either LeeLoo(?) or a replicant. Scifi night, anyone?

Also, I'm curious if and where photos from last night will show up, since my costume was another Mary Celeste - it really will never be seen again, since I had to cut it off myself. And I'd really like a pic of it. *nods*
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