tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Hard sell

Three years ago, I bought a car. It's a good car. It starts, goes, is economical, and passes its warrant every time (give or take stuff like needing to tighten the tow bar - the point is, it's not a claptrap old rustbucket).

The people who sold me the car are helpful. Too helpful. They phone me when they think it's due for a service, when it's due for a warrant, when they think it might need a wheel alignment. Four months before I finished paying it off I got mail saying "Hey, it looks like you've had your car nearly three years, maybe it's time to start thinking about upgrading! Come talk to us!" They followed this up with a phone call to ask if I was interested in coming to view the latest model Lancers.

Yesterday, I got an invitation to a 'social' evening for customers of their company, ostensibly to "explain what all the gadgets on your car are, so you know what happens when we service it, and to show you how to change a tyre." To which I went O.o - is there anyone out there who doesn't know how to change a tyre? Or can't figure it out? And tacked on the bottom was a bit about how the new model Lancer was about to be launched, and we'd get a sneak preview.

Today there was a follow-up phone call to see if I'd be going, to which I politely declined.

I think these guys are taking customer service too far. It's becoming annoying. Should I tell them?
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