tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

It's spring! This is real spring weather! And I shall wear green...

Today I am wearing the dress I made yesterday. It's spring green, and above the knee. The picture I took came out blurry and wrong, so you'll have to imagine. Everyone seems to think I'll be cold. But I have stockings! And when I'm wearing a spring green dress I can pretend the storm going on outside is just a brief spat and later it will come out sunny and beautiful.

I really enjoyed the light show out the picture window last night.

I find it amusing hearing the commentary on the rugby. I found out that New Zealand had fallen out of the World Cup when someone on my flist, who lives in Canada, mentioned it.

Maybe I'm strange, and from another friend's entry mentioning how last night's news was entirely about rugby it seems I might be - but seriously, I don't tie my identity or that of New Zealand in with one sports team. And pretty much nobody I know does. Yes, rugby is a national sport. Yes, we have a team that is expected to do pretty well in most competitions, and yes, 25 years ago New Zealand dominated world rugby. But that was 25 years ago, the rest of the world has caught up, we didn't even invent the sport, and I'd like to think that New Zealand is known worldwide for other things:
    Female prime minister
    Acceptance of legal status for gay couples
    Nuclear free stance
    Being leaders in innovative drug legislation (although this appears to be regressing somewhat lately)
    Being the country that lifted the middle finger to a superpower and got away with it.

But it would seem that, at the moment anyway, when people think of NZ, they think of the All Blacks, and the haka, and sheep. And the rest of the world ties our national identity to these things. Sad really, and I'm wondering what we need to do as a nation to change that.

I also laughed my head off on Saturday morning when the news on the radio was that the first official act of the new French president with our prime minister, was the unveiling of a giant sculpture of a rugby ball. International diplomacy? Bahahhahaa!

We're pushing shit uphill, folks.
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