tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

I guess they are called interests for a reason eh?

blur_kiwi has the best memes! This one requires you to comment, and the poster will list seven of the interests from your userinfo page, and you have to explain them. Then repost in your journal blah blah etc you know the drill.

Awkward situations are something I find myself in quite often. I suspect it's something to do with having my fingers in lots of different pies, and sometimes the crossover of information specific to each pie (especially in a small place like New Zealand) leads to me having to be diplomatic and sometimes tongue-biting. I like it - having information and having to be discreet sure beats operating with no information and thus turning an awkward situation into an explosion!

Bubblewrap came about last year, when I decided that my costume for Burning Man would be a dress made of bubblewrap, with EL wire laced through it in the shape of a corset. It was awesome, and somewhat like the Marie Celeste in that there were no photos, and my activities on the evening I wore it were such that it was in tatters by morning - thus, nobody's quite sure if it was ever real. Bubblewrap's interesting stuff to sew, and it's funny having people follow you around trying to pop your clothes.

Ethnomorph is a musical project that creates entheogenic music (read: music for people on mushrooms). A link to a free download popped up on one of the shamanic communities I frequent, I listened and really liked what I heard. I've continued to listen as the music has developed. The guy's doing a chanting project at the moment and is asking for vocal input from people - I'm interested to see how it comes out. My vocals are somewhat akin to a ratchet screwdriver being driven into solid granite, so my contribution will be to spread the word and to dance.

Geargasm is a term yoinked from gothere, coined for people who get off on having 'the gear.' I have a very comprehensive list of gear for all kinds of activities, from horse riding and tramping through to game fishing, rollerblading, snowboarding - you name it, I probably have gear for it. I'm an independent wee thing and have never liked borrowing or hiring stuff - if it's mine I can thrash it as much or as little as I want. And I get excited about getting new gear. Thus - geargasm.

A Misty flip is a move that's very hard to describe, that is done on rollerblades, snowblades, or any other device that careers you down a hill in a forward-pointing direction. It's kind of like a sideways somersault, where you take off, flip your legs up and over your body, and land again, all while keeping your torso on the horizontal plane. Vis: YouTube vid, short. It's something I've always wanted to be able to do and never mastered.

Read my boobs is a website where a woman who calls herself Bamboo will write anything you ask on her boobs for free, and walk around spreading your message in her own unique way. It came into my interests when notabouthim linked to the site. notabouthim prided himself on having an interest list that contained lots of unique things that nobody else had as interests. So, being my contrary self, I added 'read my boobs' to my interest list. ;-)

Someday owning a castle harks back to my Northern English roots, which in my case involves having a family history as servants to the gentry. Combine this with having seen lots of movies with castles in, and it's one of my ambitions to one day be the person who's descending the stairs in a dignified manner with a giant candelabra, or lounging on a bearskin rug in front of a fire in which an ox is roasting on a spit. Small aside: Do not try this naked. Spitting fat leaves scars.

So there you go, seven of Tats' interests, bared for the world to see. That was fascinating, wasn't it? If you want to rivet people to their seats with a rundown of your interests, please comment and I'll give you a list.

In other news, MikeE linked to this article, about bringing the drugs debate into the true light of day, and getting mature about the discussion. I find it ties in with my views on the subject quite closely.

Yay Friday! Usual Fidels stuff tonight, sans Tom Cosm because he is in Melbourne *squees at wildilocks*, followed by fire since it's not howling a southerly gale and snowing today. Have a good day, people.
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