tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

She Blinded Me With..

So here is the promised post with pics from Weird Pscience. As you can imagine, it's photo-heavy.


To which there were added some shiny things:

Of course you need djs!

JetPilot with the charmingly green Nick Pearce in the background:

(his shirt says "Science is Awesome! This is one of the reasons we love the JetPilot)

Mr Cosm (who is tiny enough to almost disappear behind the science, but also a lovely lovely guy who makes booty shaking music)

This is my current favourite Cosm track, just so you know. It's an older one, called Feral Frameshift, and the second half is the kind of psy I really love to dance to.

And our very own (well, mine anyway hehe) ZombieDJ, with pretty shiny things!

He played the track I sent him on Wednesday. And I went *SQUEE*

There were People in Pants!

(there were more pants than that but I could only get three people to stand still at a time...)

And shiny happy people!

(Can someone please explain the farmer thing to me? I didn't notice it till I saw the picture... )

russiandolls had apples! "If they fall on your head they make you think about gravity and that's Science!"

I have no idea what was happening in this photo - and yes, the tinfoil dreads do pick up FM radio.

There was a couch full of lovely legs:

There was someone who discovered a knack for scaring away freeloaders and generally being an awesome door lady:

There were scientifically-dressed types:

I loved this costume. ;-)

This is our host. He does smile. I've seen him. At least once. He also coped admirably with the gallons of water pouring out of the walls in the bathroom all night, and stayed urbane and charming to the last. <3 JD.

We have the shiniest butts!

And of course, the obligatory pics of The Hoop. Because the hoop is all about the Science!

I will get over photos of the hoop soon. Maybe.

It was fun! We should do it again! *nods*

In other news, now my non-existent Visa card's been cancelled! It really is roundabouts and swings in my spam-life, I tell you. I can barely keep up!

"You have received this E-mail because you or someone else had used your Account from different locations. For security purposes, we required to open an investigation on this matter.
In order to safeguard your Account , we require you to change your VISA Password and confirm you Banking Details.

To help speeding up this process , please access the fallowing link so we can complete verification form Online.

To get started, please click the link below:"

Uh, no, don't think I will. Thanks all the same.

RAH! SHINY! (i may have called in tired to work today)
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