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Pipped at the post

No photo today, I've just been too busy to sneak out and take one. But anyway, short black flip skirt with 'double breasted' (double hipped?) button front, purple shirt, pink tights, gogo boots. Skirt, $4 from SaveMart, shirt free from clothes swap, boots free in an offer with a pair of $20 sneakers from No1 Shoe Warehouse, tights $10. Total cost, $14. RAH to my leet cheap clothing skillz0rs!

Because, you know, I'm so retro n shit.

Anyway, I finished it going "WTF?" and was left with a sour taste in my mouth that Snape could possibly end up being the bad guy, and that Dumbledore could be so wrong about him. Then I went to sleep. Shut up, I know it's only a book, but a good book is one that causes you to become emotionally involved with the characters.

In my dreams I was interacting with someone that I have historically not gotten along with. The dream included creating some shared history, in which I came to realise that my impression of this person had been wrong, and that although on face value they were exactly as I'd assumed them, looking deeper showed me that there was more to them than meets the eye and caused me to rethink my opinion of them.

Anyway, what I woke up with, was remembering the Unbreakable Vow that Snape had made at the beginning of the book, to protect Draco - and there was Draco standing there under threat of death if Dumbledore didn't die. Also, the pleading from Dumbledore - so out of character as to make me go "What is between him and Snape that Dumbledore is pleading for?"

I think Dumbledore knew about the Unbreakable Vow. I think that Dumbledore was pleading for Draco's life, not his own. I'm guessing that he knew something about the Dumbledore/Snape/Draco triad that made his own death the best of a bad lot of options, and that Snape knew this too and acted accordingly. That Draco or Snape would be a key player in the defeat of Voldemort, and both must be kept alive at all costs. This would explain Snape running off with Draco straight afterwards.


This is my imagination going into overdrive now. The stuff that Dumbledore drank from the basin in the cave was the Horcrux. Now there's a thought. Therefore destroying him destroyed that. Although, that doesn't explain the..

.. enough. I guess I'll have to read the last book now. Although, I know that there will be an explanation and that Snape will turn out to be on the side of the good guys, because why else would Harry name his kid after him? Lame epilogues for the spoilery win!


*points and laughs at self*

In other news, this cracked me up. It's an amusing article about clubbing, written from the viewpoint of someone who doesn't do it and never has. Some of the comments are quite good too.

This afternoon I'm doing an interview with a researcher from Massey University. They are doing a study of drug use in New Zealand, and I volunteered to participate. They are going to ask me a bunch of questions about my personal drug use and most likely some stuff about how it affects my life.

I'm doing this because I believe that society's attitude to recreational drug use is based in ignorance and propaganda. I believe that the public has been misled by the powers that be through the media, to think that recreational drugs are somehow morally wrong, unless they are alcohol.

(ask pombagira one day about Henry VIII, the protestant work ethic and legal recreational substances)

The majority of people in society seem to think that drug users are loser bums with no thought other than where their next fix comes from, that drug taking destroys lives and families and makes people into zombies who don't 'contribute to the good of all.'

    I have a high IQ.
    I have a steady, 'specialist expert' job in the high tax bracket that I've had for two and a half years.
    I have a mortgage, assets and a good credit rating.
    I have a reputation as a reliable person with integrity.
    I vote, register my dog and car, do not have a criminal record or any insurance claims.
    I am 37 and therefore not considered to be in the 'young and silly' age bracket.
    I'm an articulate speaker.
    I'm active in the community and on committees for several organisations.

All of these things make me fit the category of 'respectable, upstanding member of the community.' Good old Henry VIII would be proud.

    I also occasionally take drugs for recreational purposes.

This last fact doesn't alter any of the preceding 8. It only alters the perceptions some people have of me. And that's my point.

I don't think the laws surrounding recreational drugs will change until the attitude of society changes, and the only way that attitude will change is if people like me, who have successful lives, good jobs and are not loser bums, stand up publicly and prove the hype wrong. Participating in this research, for me, is a way that I can do that.

(I know that if my employers found out I am a recreational drug user, I would probably get sacked, and that being sacked for that would make it difficult for me to get another good job. All of this would disregard the fact that I'm very close to the top in New Zealand in my field. Ironic, no? "Yes, you're doing really well, but we think only losers do drugs so we'll try our best to turn you into one to make ourselves feel more secure in our assumptions.")

Anyone else who is interested in participating in the research (it's anonymous) can phone Massey University on 0800 854 103 to schedule an appointment.

Anyone got a copy of Deathly Hallows I can borrow? I NEED to know what happens!

Also, I'm looking forward to tonight. *wink*
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