tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

If necessity is the mother of invention, who's the father?

I saw kimeros on the way to work this morning. She was looking fantastic in a suit and tie with a trilby. It made me nostalgic for the days when I'd see thirstygirl and get to check out her styles every morning. Then I spent the rest of the walk to work thinking about Kim, and that made me smile a lot.

Last night we had a stitch n bitch with no stitching and no bitching, at Yonderman's house in the back of beyond. keptinacan was making tree-hugger style rocket poi and griping about tennis balls, Yonder was making a stencil and giving himself blisters, I was winding kevlar and playing with 2.5mm steel wire and duct tape - and we were assisted by a 15-year-old goth boy from Invercargill in a trenchcoat who'd jutht had hith thongue pierthed. It was all very arty crafty and quite enjoyable. I'm keen to do more of these kind of evenings, because I have projects coming out my ears and doing it in company just makes it better.

Also, rivet, your hoop is ready. ;-)

Finally, cryptic question of the day for geeks. Someone suggested to me last night that I put happyinmotion and xhile in a room together, say "Stepped engine, tachometer, turntable!" and run away. Any guesses as to what this is suggesting? [EDIT] OK, and to make life more interesting, it has just been suggested that one of these be added to the mix also.

Oh, and - Happy has offered the use of his lounge/couches/floor/fridge for the Robin of Sherwood session. But he's sick and busy this week so it'll be next Sunday, which is the 5th of August, at about 2ish.
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