tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Doing the dollar dance

So the Kiwi just made it to 80c on the Greenback. This is a milestone for me in that I promised myself that if this happened (back when I believed it couldn't happen), I would buy myself a big expensive, frivolous, shiny present from America.

So I did. The Dragonfly. Watch the vid. It's trippy.

Yes, I know that the high dollar is a double edged sword. If I were in the market for buying livestock, now would be a good time. But only if I had cash, since the interest rates on everything are going through the roof. Anyone got a spare million lying around they want to donate to the Wendy Cow and Sheep Fund? No? Oh well.. meanwhile the exporters are crying, the importers are laughing, the economists are predicting doom and gloom, petrol is still going up even though it should be going down, and it's all a bit insane.

What better way to alleviate the insanity than to spin in shiny circles? Hmm? Also, I still have the original LED setup that Happy made, waiting for me to be able to source some good tubing to encase it in. Then I'll have two shiny hoops.

I am the girl with the most shiny hoops!

This post brought to you by a combination of SQUEE and Yorkshire blood causing me to bash myself over the head about any big expensive and completely frivolous purchase I make. The SQUEE is winning.

Also, crepe backed satin ftw!
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