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This morning it's all grey and misty out there. I like it when it's a bit damp because it means all the lazy people take their cars to work and I get a seat on the bus. I know this kind of behaviour is likely to give Happy an apoplexy (you know we love it when the veins pop out on your head), but it's still nice to cling desperately to the edge of my seat rather than grasping wildly at thin air every time we almost run over a cyclist.

Speaking of cyclists, my work has gone into an up cycle and is likely to stay there till about mid September. This makes me happy and trepidatious at the same time. Also, I get a free trip to Nelson for a week mid August. I like Nelson. It has consistently nicer weather than anywhere else here. Vis:

Those little mints they give you in meetings? They are addictive. Therefore they should be banned. Because, you know, if you eat enough sugar over your lifetime, you might become unhealthy or it could be a gateway to ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS! And then where would we be? Won't anybody think of the children, having to support all these addicts? Also, when somebody gets diabetes or loses some teeth, the population will scream "Jim! Why did you not do something sooner? Why did you have to wait till something actually happened before acting?"

(i may be exhibiting transference here, just in case you missed that)

In good news, the Bill for tying our non-prescription medicine regulations to Australia's, has apparently been thrown out. I haven't researched this, so please correct me if I'm wrong. Is it cynical of me that my first thought on hearing this news was "Yep, the best way to get kiwis to overcome their apathy and protest something, is to suggest we copy Australia"???

Finally, I am wearing my bright pink stockings. They match my hair. I may wear my purple ones tomorrow. Pink and purple stockings make me happy.

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