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You should get some lessons, it's sitting too far back. She'll get saddle sores!

Last night we watched Secretary. You know the one, with Jake Gyllenhaal's sister Maggie? And the saddle? That scene always makes me go "WTF?" It's not in keeping with the psychological nature of the rest of the activities they engage in, in my opinion. It's too... crass? Obvious? Something like that, anyway.

Miss Holloway is into pain and submission rather than humiliation. While I can see submission in the saddle scene, there seems to be humiliation instead of pain in it, and while it has comedic effect, I honestly don't believe that would happen in a relationship like that. Mr Grey seems to be more about the psychological game than about the physical game, although he happily spanks her as a substitute for her cutting - and the saddle is just.. not in keeping. Especially with the straw that he's strewed around. It's just.. wrong.

The scene where she catches him hiding from his ex in the cupboard, and then he catches her cutting herself, on the other hand, is brilliant. In 30 seconds it ties them together and sets the scene for everything that happens in the rest of the movie.

You can tell I've spent some time thinking about this, can't you? I'm interested in the psychological dynamics of that type of relationship, and one day I'll probably write an essay about it.

Scared yet? *cough*

Answers for blur_kiwi:

1. I love the photo on your user info page. Do you like posing and being photographed?

Yes, I do. My Dad was a photographer, amongst other things. He would make photos the old fashioned way, by taking pictures on film and then manipulating the negative. He specialised in photographs similar to the M.C.Escher paintings, only it was all done in the dark room. When my mother got to 'a certain age', she stopped modelling for him, and I took over. I enjoy taking photos as well as having them taken, just to see how they come out.

2. From your interests, please explain 'bubblewrap' and 'read my boobs'!

Bubblewrap comes from a dress I made for Burning Man 2006. It was made entirely of bubblewrap and had EL wire duct taped onto it in a corset pattern. It was styly! And after one night of BM adventures, which mostly involve running round the desert like a maniac, dancing, and interacting with interactive art, it was in shreds. Unfortunately, I got no photos. So it was kind of like a mayfly - gorgeous for a very short time.

Read my boobs comes from the blog of a friend of mine that isn't updated any more. It's very interesting and still there if you'd like to see - notabouthim. The blog was all links to weird, quirky and interesting stuff, and the interests listed are taken from the headlines for the pages. He was very proud that nobody else shared the interests on his list, so I added 'read my boobs' to mine, just so he'd have a shared interest. I'm contrary like that. The actual Read My Boobs site was from someone who was selling advertising space on her cleavage.

3.dirtydina is one of my favourite people on LJ, how did you come to know
her and did you meet up when she was in New Zealand earlier this year?

dirtydina is a burner, and she came to New Zealand this year. Before she came she posted on the kiwi burners lists looking for meetups with other burners while here. She came to Wellington and we had Kiwi-style Mexican food together, along with pombagira and russiandolls. I've been reading her blog since then. ;-)

4. What was the most interesting or satisfying job you've had?

Being a shepherd for five years in the back of beyond. Because I'm a skinny white chick, I had to work very hard (read: dag a lot of sheep for free) before anyone would take me seriously. Eventually someone noticed that I was actually quite useful, and gave me work. They also gave me a heading pup and taught me the ins and outs of training sheepdogs (which, incidentally, came in very useful when working with troubled teenagers as well). I worked casually, which meant that I would be called in whenever there were big jobs to be done, and my 'run' covered 6 stations, totalling around 20,000 acres. The job could involve anything from farm-sitting while people were away (which meant I'd get to pretend the farm was mine for a few weeks) to pulling cast cows out of bogs with a tractor in the middle of the night. You get a real perspective on life, death and things you can fix vs things you can't when you're shepherding.

I eventually had to give it up due to repetitive strain injury to both wrists from dragging sheep around that weighed, on average, 20kgs more than me.

Best. Job. Ever.

5. Where would you prefer to be in the world if you had the choice of

Interesting question. I don't think I have a preferred place, as such. Everywhere I've travelled I've loved, for its own reasons. The US, I loved for the people not being anything like they are portrayed on TV, for the sheer size of everything and for the fact that I could lose myself there for years and still not see everything. Australia I loved for the weather and for the laid-back attitude of the Australians. I still have so many more places to visit. But New Zealand is beautiful, as safe or as dangerous as you want it to be, and it's home. So I guess I'd say I love being here, but for preference I'd choose to be independently wealthy so that I could go and really see the rest of the world, going through doors of opportunity as they open. The way my life's gone so far, who knows where I'd end up?

Ta da! More than you ever wanted to know about Tats! I think I'm now supposed to invite people to comment asking for questions, and I'll ask five questions for you to answer in your own blog. If you like. My blog normally gets quite a lot of comments, so if you want questions, please specifically say so, or I'll assume you're just having conversation as normally happens here.

I'm going to Fidels after work today for the usual coffee for a while. Please come say hi. Also, I'm a little afraid of jinxing it by saying so, but look! It's not actually raining, and the wind has dropped off completely. It also feels about 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. Does this mean we'll actually get to spin fire in relatively comfortable conditions? *gasp* However will we cope?

(for those of you who don't know, this week has been heinous southerlies with lashings of rain and some sleet for good measure.Kaeo in the north is underwater, loads of people have been evacuated and are without power or water, it's a mess. big storm. here, we just got four days of miserable and cold weather)

But it's ok, because the Aucklander that came to Wellington, causing all this crap weather, has now settled in and is becoming local. The weather should improve accordingly.

And tomorrow will be sunny and nice! Yes it will! Looking at flats on Sunday, woo hee!

[EDIT] The Tool didn't last very long. I just can't tolerate heavy percussion. Now I'm listening to Different Class.
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