tatjna (tatjna) wrote,


These shooz rock! These shooz suck!

And it's true. Shoe shops used to scare the crap out of me. Sooooo many bad shoes. Now, I've grown a thick skin whereby I can go past the knee high wedge boots (dunno, they just look like costuming for people with a horse fetish to me) and wide-ankle turquoise green pointy toed pixie boots, without having an allergic reaction.

Anyway, 10 minutes max to find what I wanted.

No back zips, unfortunately, but those are a rarity, especially on shoes that are marked down by $90. And the heel's a little higher than my last pair *eep* and a little more stiletto-ey than them too, but not a needle or a wedge so I'm happy.

Now I need to go find some puddles to stomp in.
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