tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

*big cheesy smile*

Why am I smiling? You know why. *blows raspberries*

So, instead of disappearing for weeks like several people have predicted, I'm gonna run round in public beaming my happy to the world. Ners.

But not till Thursday. Today and tomorrow I have one of those fun *insert company name here* meetings that go for two days, wherein I get to defend my work from people who understand nothing about what I do. No, I can't and won't hardwire student conduct into the assessment tools. Just, no. Whether someone turns up late to class has nothing to do with their ability to build a toolbox. Sorry.

Yes, yes I know that employers want people who turn up on time, reliably, and don't engage in disruptive and annoying behaviour while there. I know that school is supposed to be a place where people learn to be good little drones. But if the teachers need something to hold over the students to make them behave themselves, maybe they should look at their teaching style. Or maybe they should use the units that are already available that cover these things, as part of the clumping of assessment they are supposed to do.

I remember at high school, I got in a lot of trouble. I was always on time for class and I never wagged (you try wagging when you live so far out in the boonies that your Mum drops you at the bus stop, waits for the bus with you, and then the bus takes you to school). My problem was disruptive behaviour. And you know, the teachers that had the most success at curbing my disruptive behaviour were the ones that recognised the cause (boredom), engaged with me and gave me something I could get my teeth into.

I got 96% in School Certificate maths because of one of these teachers. And then there was the one that threatened me with detentions and the strap (yeah I'm old enough to have had that held over me), whose class I failed, deliberately, because he tried to control me by threats instead of working with me.

So IMO, if teachers are having trouble getting their students to behave, threatening them with failure if they don't isn't going to make a hapeth of difference. Never mind that I write about people's building skills, not their life skills.

So yeah, gonna be a fun two days..

[/work rant]

On the upside, we get catered lunch, and for once I get first go instead of vulturing the leftovers as normally happens when other people are in marathon meetings.

And I have something to look forward to after work.

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