tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

What really happened on Saturday..

So somebody encouraged me, and as you know, I don't need much encouragement. And, realistically, one dorky-looking fangirl shot of MEWITHTOMCOSMOMG!!!!!! doesn't really show how the evening went.

So here are the rest:

Well, not really. But these girls did. I have no idea who they are but they were well munted.

Unlike Grant, Dino and Allyn who were swish and stylin'. *sings* One of these things is not like the other ones lalalalaa..

Maybe I should have got this guy in that shot too - I bring you - Little Suited Dancing Guy (sans bottle). He could do cool gun tricks with a water bottle and suffered from hoop fascination.

They did get up and dance, really.. in fact they danced a lot, considering how much grumbling about the cold was coming from the XY member of this party.

And here's the proof. Foreground = two friendly chemists enjoying the ambience (this guy knows the difference between a dj and a live electronic musician - kudos). Background = Proof.

And here's the result:

C'mon, every dance needs the requisite number of shirtless men, and if I must, I'll round them up and take photos...


Anyway, for those of you who are now overcome by too much skin, have some SHINY THINGS!

(that blurry silhouette is tom cosm, take my word for it)

And some other shiny things. Yes, I know my pupils are different sizes. This happens to me sometimes and is nothing to be concerned about, except when people point it out in a group of strangers..

And now for some more skin:

I love the stripey stockings, yes I do..

And finally, because I want to give Happy nightmares:

Don't ask, just blame Oscar the Grouch.

There were more, but mostly of people we don't know being happy. And everyone knows it's more fun when it's people you know.

I'm hoping the rest of the photos will be on NZRave tomorrow. I was a bit slow getting them away this time.
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