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Plastic in more ways than one

Last night I watched Matrix Reloaded with Mum and Tommy. Yes, I had never seen it. I haven't seen the third one either. Frankly, I wasn't that impressed. The concept of The Matrix was awesome, albeit copied from another movie, the name of which I can't remember, that was based around a video game rather than machines exploiting people for power, but yeah. Copied. And the second movie seems more like an attempt to ride on the success of the first, and, well, it fails.

No spoilers, because everyone else in the world has seen it anyway: Imminent danger from Machine Overlords, Neo uses his newly-developed superpowers to save the world. In order to do this there must be three extended fight scenes ("Oh, shall we put swords in this one?" "OK, yeah, this is the third one, we'd better have something new to wave around.") and one extended car chase. Don't forget lots of explosions and no civilian deaths, mmk?

Also, there should be some gratuitious sex scenes. Sadly, there's no chemistry between Neo and Trinity, and neither of them seem capable of facial expressions. Hmm.

I think the screenplay was written by two groups of people. One group (geeks) came up with the admittedly brilliant dialogue between Neo and the Councillor, the one with all the 'point' puns. The other group (borrowed from Hallmark for the occasion) came up with such gems as Morpheus saying "Good night, Zion. Sweet dreams." And the bit where the French guy gives a girl an orgasm using a specially coded piece of cake so she'll give him a blowjob in the loos? Pure cheese.

But the CGI was pretty good. And I'll probably watch the third one, because this movie gave Tommy and me lots of good laughs.

* * * * *

First's registration tag arrived in the mail yesterday. Yes, this is a momentous occasion. Why? Because she's Speshul, and now she has bits of plastic to prove it. See:

No, I'm not trying to strangle her, even though she's wearing that perpetual heading dog expression of "Oh noes! The world is out to get meeee!" And no, she's not using her front feet in a vain attempt to defend herself. What's actually happening is, I'm trying to hold her collar so you can read the tag, and she's using her front feet to try and push my hand down so I'll inadvertently rub her tummy.

My dog is a ham.

I did try to get a shot of her looking alert and like a Real Working Dog, but no joy. You see, the reason for all these photos is the purple tag. It's new, she's never had one before. And it says "Microchip Exempt Working Dog."

Hehe, yes, my dog gets Special Treatment, because someone at the council read where I put 'heading dog' as the breed, and decided she's a real working dog and so I only have to pay $40 for her registration instead of the $145 I would normally be charged for an unspeyed bitch. So yay for ex-farmers that work for the council. And yeah, of course she's a proper working dog. Can't you tell by the photo?

Also, there should be 10 tags on her collar, including the shiny new exemption one. Unfortunately, when I moved to Porirua, they made me turn in her three Masterton ones. Boo. I have seen a 17-year-old dog with all their tags on their collar, and it looks like a rainbow!

You wanted to read all about the intimate details of my dog registration, didn't you?

It can stop raining now if it likes. I'd quite like to take Tommy fire dancing tonight. Also, it's only four days till xhile gets unxhiled, permanently. *squeeskipbounce*

Gonna be a busy weekend. Two parties and dancing on Saturday, Family Stuff all day Sunday. Yep, I come to work to relax. What are you up to?

Oh, and lyric for today:

Born with your back to the god that spit you out on the riverbed
Angry at who? Me?
You better back up fool
I bet you took a gun to school too
But now,
Nobody's takin your candy
You just keep on livin this tragedy

Ladadadadadadada to each his own..

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