tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Zombies are people too!

I have lost the fuzzy spongey covery thing off one side of my headphones. I'm sure there's a name for these things but I don't know what it is. I'm not sure how I could have lost it, since my phones live on my head or in my bag, but it's gone. Anyone know anywhere in town that sells them? I can't be the first person ever to lose one. Anyway, my phones are Sennheiser PX-100s - surely someone in town sells parts?

Today I'm wearing a summer dress. Yes! It still has the Turtleneck of Perceived Strangulation, and the stockings, but it's a dress, and it moves on my skin and swishes round my legs, and I've managed to reduce the layers down to three with my jacket on. These things make me happy.


See? Maniacally happy.

Last night I dreamed about zombies. Not your average zombies that go around going "BRRAAAIIIINNNNSS!!" and biting people. These ones only did that at night, and only in certain parts of the city. Why? Because the government had brought in legislation that required zombies to be treated the same as everyone else, there was a Minimum Zombie Quota for workplaces, and Zombie Zones where zombies could congregate at night, where other citizens were well advised not to go. Anyone going into the zombie zone at night was fair game, and could only blame themselves for their foolishness.

The government had also placed the zombie zones in the night club district. Hehe.

So anyway, this morning I am looking at my colleagues suspiciously, especially the pale, quiet one..

In other news, Tommy arrived last night to stay for a week. He's grown about three inches and is only about 2 inches shy of being taller than me. He's 12. What have I bred?

And I found a lump on my dog. *meep*
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