tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Stoopid winter! *mutter*

Lately I've been feeling dissatisfied with my wardrobe. Well, not the wardrobe itself, that's fine (although I'm starting to think I need a separate one for costumes) - but the contents.

This is silly, I have more clothes than I need and I rarely have to wear a repeat outfit if I don't feel like it, because I'm good at buying stuff that goes with Everything Else I Own. However, lately the variety hasn't been enough, and I've been feeling like having a sacrificial burning.

This morning, as I pulled on a pale blue ribbed (for nobody's pleasure) turtlenecked top, I realised what the problem is.

I'm tired of dressing for the weather.

I pulled on this top and had the usual moment of feeling like I'm strangling before getting used to the tightness of the turtleneck. This was over the top of the singlet and the merino undergarment. And my long skirt (which I love but have worn to death lately) went on over the stockings, and etc and blah, endless list of layer-worthy clothing.

And while this was going on I glanced in my wardrobe and saw a corner of my green dress. Which green dress? This one.

And I had a pang of nostalgia for weather that allows me to wear it. As far as emotional attachment to items of clothing go, I'm not big on it. But there are two items that I literally love. The Pants, and this green dress.

So yeah, I'm pining for the weather that allows me to just throw on a small dress (I have several) and a pair of sandals, and feel the air on my skin, and not have to be covered from the neck down.


There, I said it.

The nice things about winter include snuggly mornings in bed when it's raining, my lurking coat, and comfort food. Also - snowboarding. The not nice things about winter are mostly about becoming a clothes-sausage whenever you leave the house, standing waiting for the bus in a southerly, and weather curbing pretty much all outdoor activities.

While looking for that photo, I came across this post about my trip to LA last year.

And for the first time, I really regret not being lined up for Burning Man this year. Funny thing is, it's not even Burning Man that I am going to miss. We have Kiwiburn. It has the same vibe, and I'm happy with that. What I'm going to miss is the extracurricular stuff. The American people, the food, the fun and excitement of travel, the cultural differences and similarities, the scenery, and the WEATHER! Late summer for three weeks in late winter is just what the doctor ordered.

One of the things I've promised myself since travelling to the US for the first time, is that I will return there and go 'sploring, and not just go to BM but visit all the people in other parts that aren't California or Nevada - really go and have a good look. Spend about 6 months and travel round, see things and do things.

So, those of you who live there, what should I see when I do this? I'm interested in everything. But there's nothing like local knowledge.

Also, xhile and pombagira - wanna come with?

This post brought to you by the beginnings of Equinoxical Angst - yes I know the equinox isn't for a couple of months yet, but the days are getting longer and the weather is not yet improving. This is my theory behind the Grr that everyone feels in late winter/early spring.

In other news, Tommy arrives tomorrow to visit for a week. *excited but meep* This is the first time he's visited that I haven't been on holiday to hang out with him full time.
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