tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Do your worst, I can take it..

Yesterday I posted about the worst pickup line ever to be used on me. However, I discovered that while that line is almost guaranteed to make most girls (or guys) go "Ew!", apparently there are worse ones.

And Happy would like a chance to trot out some of his worst. Such classics as "You'll do!" and "I'm only doing this to win a bet." o.O Mr Charm, our Happy. *nods*

So for today, I'd like to hear about the pickup lines that have been used on you. What is the cheesiest, most trite, would-be-ok-coming-from-someone-you-liked-but-from-that-person-no-way, or just plain downright scary pickup line, that has ever been used on you?

And what was your reply?

This is an equal opportunity blog. Guys and girls, please. Because I know women are just as capable of saying stoopid things to people they fancy as guys are. And of course, you get to pick the one you think is the worst pickup line ever and vote for it.

Let's see if we can come up with a winner! Uh.. loser! Uh.. something...

xhile got the job he applied for. In fact, he got a better job than the one he applied for. *smile* What this means is that in a week or so's time, Wellington will have stolen yet another cool person from somewhere else. This is all part of our evil plan to steal all the cool people and keep them for ourselves. This plan has been quite successful this year. We are, however, still working on JetPilot and RichdRich.

(and i, of course, am dancing round the room going SQUEEEEEE! about this)

Also. I have to go to the dentist. I don't want to.
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