tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Apparently I'm hardcore

I was looking at Bodymod.org, as you do, to get an idea of what snakebite piercings actually are.

Yes, I know, this automatically makes me out-of-touch and a dork. I should Just Know, right? *cough* Well I didn't, so I went to find out.

Anyway, they have sections for piercings, sections for tattoos, and a section called HARDCORE. Brandings are in HARDCORE. This means that, because I have a brand, I'm HARDCORE. Yeah. Also, I noticed that compared with tattoos, most brands are tiny. This surprises me, considering that branding hurts less. But apparently not everyone brands with a cautery pen. Yeah, being bent over a barrel out the back really appeals. Not.

But yeah. HARDCORE. That's me.

Also, I like this:

I like corset piercings, but like everything else they are getting so common that I'm thinking "Yeah, don't want to look like every other 14 year old girl.." But this one is kind of cool. However, if I were to get such a thing done, I'd dress a whole lot better with it.

The only problem with corset piercings and the kind of thing that I go to is that some drunk dickhead would most likely grab and pull and that would be Not Pretty. Corset piercings are really for girls who don't actually do anything except sit around looking pretty. Pity.

As you can see I'm giving my work their money's worth today..

Also, a question: xhile used to have a lip piercing, and he had to remove it. I really liked it. To the point where, since it's been gone, I've been considering getting one of my own. Whaddaya reckon?
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