tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

This is like being on drugs, with Extra Added pain...

So here I am, back at work. Everything's a little bit too bright and kind of wavery, but I'm here.

Why am I here?

Because my contract, like many contracts in NZ, has a clause whereby I only get 2 days off work sick before they expect me to produce a medical certificate. And I'm blowed if I'm spending $50 to go to the doctor, only to be told I have a cold and there's nothing they can do for me.

So here I am. I expect that some time today I'll have a coughing fit, the like of the one I had last night that made my teeth hurt (WTF?), and they'll send me home. Meanwhile I think it might be turning into tonsilitis. We'll see, I guess. Not talking is interesting. Just pointing at my throat and mouthing swear words. Hehehe, I have a team meeting in about 20 minutes, that should be interesting.

xhile left this morning. Boo. Well, not so boo, because realistically he's only gone back to Auckland to sort stuff out so he can move to Wellington in a few weeks anyway. But still, boo.

I can definitely see advantages to us living in the same town. Like, if I'm sick when he comes to visit, that's ok because next week I'll be better and we can still see each other. And we won't feel like we have to spend every waking minute together because it's all we will get for the next however long. It's unnatural to want to be joined at the hip with someone, I think. It creates a forced situation that doesn't allow things to develop naturally. And yet, when you're having a relationship in snatched sets of days, weeks apart, that's exactly what you end up doing - hanging out together even when you're feeling like being by yourselves, just because you know that in a few days you won't have the chance.

It's an interesting test of your ability to get along, though.. lengthy separations followed by Boiler Room style visits where you spend all your time together, followed by another lengthy separation. And fwiw, we are doing just fine at that. But, I am very much looking forward to the time when we get to do normal things like normal people (well, we can pretend, can't we?), in a normal time frame and from a normal distance.

And it's only a few weeks away now. Colour me excited.

OK, meeting time. Gah. Brain no worky. Stoopid contract.
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