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Those Crazy Americans No 573

I'm sure you've all heard about Loyalty Day by now. Ain't it grand? I can just picture it now - "Citizen! You are not waving your flag enthusiastically enough!"

Citizen: "Define 'enthusiastically enough'.."
Govt representative: *BANG*


Anyway, I'm annoyed with El Shrub for choosing my birthday for this trumped up, blatantly politically-motivated and somewhat lame show of misplaced patriotism. How convenient that it clashes brilliantly with a day when Wiccans (legally recognised in the US) celebrate Beltane. So now they'll be surrounded by flag-waving morons chanting "GO US, AREN'T WE GREAT!" or some other inane slogan made up by government officials, as they try to have their rituals.

Also - if he really wants citizens to celebrate, how about a day off, instead of this bullshit 'You Shall Feel Loyal Today Because I Said So' business?

Just another example of why so many of my smart Kiwi friends speak with an American accent.

In other news, I have many silver circles, 120 ewes to belly crutch on Saturday, a fuzzy feeling in my brain, a desire to clone myself to get everything done, and a bottle of wine that I must remember to take to lunch.

Mum is cooking me dinner tonight, and I am procrastinating on doing any work.

I like cuddles.

This post brought to you by waking up far too early after eating too much dairy.
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