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People on a plane, mofo!

I hear it made it to 30 degrees yesterday. For those of you in warmer climes, this is Hell Good Weather for Wellington. Normally we sit around mid twenties here, and it gets to around 17 at night. Yesterday was not the best time to be wearing pants and long sleeved shirts..

Hmm. It was long. It went for over an hour, at the end of which I felt a little like a piece of chewed string. There were the usual "Give me an example of a time when.." questions that everyone hates. I mean, a time when I had to stand up to my boss over a question of ethics or personal principle? And I'm supposed to pull an example out of my ass and describe it comprehensively on the spot?

(Those of you who have job interviews coming up, take note and practice these questions)

The ethics one. I couldn't think of a time when this has ever happened to me, so admitted that, then described an occasion when one of my 15 year old students came into work after having been tied up and beaten by her parents, and how we dealt with that in terms of legal requirement to report vs in loco parentis vs the fact that she was 3 months off 16th birthday when she's legally able to leave home anyway. And my role in this - which was mainly counselling the girl about her legal options. ;-/ Not the best answer but the only one I could come up with.

A time when I've taken a leadership role. That was fairly easy.

A time when I've had to gain the respect and trust of people that I have no authority over? Hahaha! Every time I've walked onto a farm, into a room full of builders or juvenile delinquents.. oh, and um, how about life? You know, the bit where respect and trust forms the basis of friendships and community? No, I didn't say that. I used the builder example because it seemed closest to the job.

The other questions were pretty standard - how does your team work, how do you go about managing projects, what systems do you have in place, what's the thing that stands out as an achievement in your current role, what attracts you to this new role (uh, you called me and told me about it, dude), how do you know you've achieved your expected outcomes.. all that stuff. And he said 'leverage.' Argh!

No questions about the Treaty of Waitangi. Yay for dairy farmers and their ultra-conservative determined un-pc-ness!

I think I could have got away with wearing a skirt and heels, in retrospect. I will for the second interview, I think. But they'll be conservative ones. Yes, he's putting my name forward for an interview with the actual people. He thinks that my lack of project management experience (in career if not in life) may put them off me, but that it's very clear I'm more than capable of learning the job and achieving in this field, and am "the right kind of person", whatever that means. He liked my wide and varied skill set. He also said I was "really interesting" to talk to. Funny, I'm pretty sure those recruitment guys are selected because they are hard to read. I had no idea what he thought of me at the end, and that's very unusual for me.

As usual I left the interview in two minds about how I did. The manager of the company is away till the 18th of February, so now I sit back and forget about it till then. *sighs with relief* I'd forgotten how much those curly questions make me want to waffle.

One thing I did find out, though, is that my current job, in another company doing the same thing, is worth around $17,000 more than I'm getting paid now. That's a whomping amount to ask for in a payrise, but realistically, I should mention this at my review. Given that my salary range is under review anyway, and that I'm being asked to interview for other jobs, and that this year is going to be very very busy and need someone who is able to do the job at market speed and efficiency, I'm in a good place to be talking turkey about bringing my salary into line with market rates.


So there you go. Lots of talking, now lots of waiting. And some dancing, because dancing makes everything better.

I discovered last night that aluminium tent poles do not bend, they snap. They are very springily flexible (Happy, you probably know the word for this) but they have no give whatsoever. I now have some very short bits of aluminium tubing, and have fashioned a working frame using these and duct tape. All I have to do now is figure out a way to attach it to myself, add the finishing touches, and there will be photos!

And in "Good news, bad news" news, veterinarians at Aquatopia in Antwerp announced that Mozart, an iguana that has had an erection for a week, would have to have one of his two penises amputated.

While I feel sorry for poor Mozart... TWO PENISES! O.o He has a spare! And it raises questions for me about the logistics of copulation. I mean, think about it. Which way do they point? Do they operate independently, or in unison? And, how are female iguanas built? *boggles*

I have so many dates today, my head is spinning. Yes, I'm calling them dates because that way I get to have some. ;-)

And for anyone who happened to be watching the History Channel last night around Late-ish, and saw that thing about the digital enhancement of the film of the JFK shooting, his head SO TOTALLY did not come off! For a start, anatomy makes it impossible given where he was shot. Second, dead things flop downwards. That's what he did, and Jackie bangs him with her knee as she climbs out of the car. And you see his head, still firmly attached, disappear sideways as he falls over. Stoopid TV drama mongers are full of shit.
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