tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Hello? Mr Mephisotpheles? I hear you're in the market for a soul or two?

Job interview preparation by Tats:

1. Shower and style hair in 'not-sticky-outy' style.
2. Think about eyeliner. Scratch.
3. Look in wardrobe at colourful, flattering and fun clothes to choose from.
4. Pick grey pants and black work logo shirt.

I have sold my soul to the Pants Devil. I've mentioned before that I'm not keen on wearing pants. But I am interviewing for a job in the ultra-conservative dairy industry. So I will dress in a sensible, practical and not-too-feminine manner.

I know, I KNOW!! Shut up. I did the same thing for the job I'm in now. Interviewed in sensible, tidy, generic corporate look. Got the job based on my skills, knowledge and attributes because they weren't looking at my clothing and going "Oh, one of THOSE ones!" Then gradually over a period of time, allowed my personal style to show through. Now they all think I'm 'a bit alternative' - but that's ok because I geek away in the corner and produce the goods and every office needs a quirk and apparently I'm it.

It works.

But I'm still feeling strangely blah-coloured and having my legs encased in fabric is not-so-fun today. I honestly don't know how I did it for so long, these days.

Anyway, so much for clothes. I spent a bit of time yesterday on the website of the company the job is with, got a feel for what it's all about, and thought of questions I might ask about it.

So this morning at about 3am I sat up in bed, having one of those "EUREKA!" moments. Having spent time on costumes last night, the pants are completed, the wings are framed and ready to attach, and the remaining conundrum is how to attach them.

Enter Hex, with its angel wings scene. They had loops that went around the shoulders and were all fuzzy and well, angelic looking. But the good bit was the close-up shot of how they were attached. What I need is some bendable but strong material, to make a type of frame that supports the wings in position, while sitting on my back. The original idea was to make them part of the top, but that would allow them to flop around.

You can't have a floppy demon. It's just not on.

So. Hooks! (Not, as laoke suggested, through the flesh, but over the shoulders. I have very prominent collarbones and am accustomed to carrying a backpack, so as long as they are well padded (black leather ftw!), that should hold everything in place nicely.

And, remember The Slug? After it disintegrated (ironically while the customs people were looking for hidden marsupials in it on the way back into NZ), I kept the aluminium tubing poles. That was my Eureka moment.

Cue frantic searching this morning with one eye on the clock. Burning Man stuff? Nope. Old Slug Bag? Nope. Backpack and camping cupboard? Nope. Sports gear? Nope. Behind snowboard? In snowboard boots? Nope. (In desperation) Undies drawer?


All I can think is that I've packed them in with Slug Two, which is still at the last place I loaned it to because I've been slack about picking it up. Luckily I'm going there tonight so I shall be able to check. And if I can't find them in there I shall.. I shall....

.. cry. Because I can't think of anything else I could use that would be simple, quick, easy and FREE.

Also, praise be to duct tape. And the 1000 glowsticks that arrived by courier this morning. I am in Shiny Heaven in my head, while my body is in Dull Hell.

Yay for juxtaposition!
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