tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Happiness hangs by a thread. A thread that looks suspiciously like a tendon.

The Man burns in 15 days. That weekend, I plan to spend experimenting with just how long I can dance for before I collapse.

The second toe on my right foot has two knuckles. The knuckle closest to the foot is about one and a half times the size it should be and a very strange shade of red. And it hurts. It hurts moving and it hurts sitting. I can walk without a limp but not run, skip or...

.. dance.


If I look after it (ie do nothing physical at all) it will probably be ok for the Burn. If I continue my usual activities, it'll get worse.

This means no climbing, no aikido, no long walks, and NO DANCING.


Anyone who knows me well knows what this means. I plan to alleviate the worst of it with pullups, pushups, situps and other indoor activities. I have plenty to keep me occupied. But all that excess energy will have to go somewhere, and I'm really not sure where.


I hate being inactive. I hate it with a vengeance. Also, I have no idea how I did it. Possibly it was skipping around en pointe in bare feet, or it could've been.. *sigh* any one of a number of things. Grrrr!


The other thing this means is that I will not be out dancing tonight, more's the pity. Please carry the flag for me if you do go out. I'll be moping setting up my sewing machine on the lounge room floor and getting creative..
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