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Yes Dad, I know.. *smiles indulgently*

So the guy called me back last night after a game of phone tag that lasted all day.

Turns out the job is for a company that manages the R & D fund for the dairy industry in NZ. It's a kind of go-between, liaising between farmers and the government that levies them, specifically with regard to training programmes within the industry.

They want someone who can talk to farmers and understand what goes on on farms and then turn round and talk to guys in suits five minutes later about the same stuff in a different language, and who has an insider understanding of training and development.

I can see why they called me. That particular combination of skills can't be all that common.

The thing that has made me decide to pursue it, though, apart from the fact that it's in a field I've an interest in, is when he asked about expected remuneration and I told him what I was on and where I'd like to be, the reply was along the lines of "Oh, it'll be well more than that."

O.o *cue jumping silently around punching air with fist*

The fun part is going to be explaining to my manager, with whom I had a planning meeting yesterday in which my workload is finally actually going to involve some work, and in which she indicated that our team would be growing because we'll need more staff to cope with the workload. Oh, and the bit about how all this starts next month and it takes 2-3 months to get new staff to a productive level of training. *meep* Damn loyalty.

And then there's the other bit. The bit where it was indicated to me at the end of last year that my job has been graded too low, salary wise, for the skill level required, and would be reviewed accordingly for this year's performance reviews. Which happen next week. *blinkblink* I am within $1000 of the top of my salary range, and they are changing the salary range so they can pay me more.

This timely wee headhunt puts me in a very strong position in terms of negotiating my salary at performance review time. Hmm.

So, do I tell my manager I'm being headhunted? I got the recruitment firm to send me a job description, and apart from the scary wording ("Effectively communicates progress and outcomes against the investment strategy in designated portfolio area(s), and works proactively with Communications Manager to make sure this occurs." (??) WTF does that mean? I guess if I knew what the investment strategy was, I'd understand the rest. Also, 'portfolio' and 'investment' are trigger words for me), it looks like a job I could do.

This cracks me up though - "Passionate about the role of dairying in New Zealand." Hehe. Passionate. Righto then... Who the hell is passionate about dairying? Because, you know, I won't tell them that sheep are my real passion. That might cause problems. *giggle*

Anyway, I've decided to pursue it further and see what happens. I'm just not sure at what point I tell my manager.

And continuing with the theme of opportunity knocking all over the place, last night I got invited to be involved in another project. I don't know how Sooper Sekret it is, but I'm kind of excited about it, and it has nothing to do with cows, and everything to do with another part of my life I've been developing slowly. It's SHINY!!!! *beam*

Today, my heart goes out to some special people who need some TLC. I can think of four people who could use a hug today. Hugs to you all.. [EDIT] From private contact, make that six people. *more hugs*

These people may have been at FreQ Nasty on Saturday. This was Sunday:

Aren't they cute?


My body aches all over. It's a good feeling, that.
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