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The subjectivity of time and distance and other fun games

Apparently, if you were to ask some people, yesterday we walked to Auckland and back, with a side trip to Mt Everest. I hold that the surroundings were too beautiful to be Auckland.

Yay for holiday weekends. If I were to list all the cool people I got to see this weekend, it'd be far too long for lj - but you know who you are. It included picnics (2), dancing, a game of unco-petanque, girlie messing with hair, sweaty hugs aplenty, couch-blobbing watching bad tv, a ride in the cable car with all the tourists ever, while trying very hard not to look at my companions for fear of the uncontrollable laughter that would ensue, being fed fruit and pasta and then some chocolate and more fruit (Best.Plum.Ever), a random visitor from overseas who couldn't look dodgy if he tried (and he did try), some cuddles, the best sunset so far this year, some manly hugs, more cuddles, an awkward moment of do-we-or-don't-we-we-don't-know, flashing my white cotton panties at some hookers while collecting yet more hugs (yay for Wellington's famous wind), and coming home to find grist and I crammed into cubicle-space as the builders are finally turning up this week to replace our ceiling.

There may be photos later, when I am home and able to access things like, well.. photos. ;-) Today, food tastes really good but I'm a bit fragile.

Trust is a funny thing. Often you have to trust before your trust can be justified. It requires risk. I am glad some people are prepared to take that risk with me. And vice versa. Just saying. Again, you know who you are. And you seriously rock my world. *nods*

This morning I caved and asked for something to do. Nothing is forthcoming yet. Brain Go Melty now.
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