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Time for another fish and chip mission

First, our local, here in Ngaio. Meeking takeaways. Fondly known as "Yu Cum Nows"

Sadly, their fish and chips are so un-memorable that I can't even remember the price. Not impressive. Don't bother. Their chinese is awesome though.

Then... John's Fish Market, the Esplanade, Petone

Price: $3.60
Fish: Very fresh, very small, very nice.
Chips: Slightly undercooked, nice flavour, not very many.
Service: Fast.

Overall, 7/10. If the serving had been bigger, they would've got an 8. Eating them on the beach was an added bonus, and the entertainment.. well, what can I say? Seagull training demo? Heh.

Oh and yay for perfect weather and days at the beach..

Yoga now. And bed.. mmmm....
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