tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

My view of my town

Mainly for my own reference, this is a record of the posts I've made so far in day_on_earth. I'll probably do this periodically, because I post there most days and it's easier to have them all here than search through the hundreds over there.

4 Jan - The view from my lounge room window

6 Jan - Full moon rising over Waikanae

7 Jan - Island Bay at lunchtime

8 Jan - Fidels

10 Jan - View from work, Wakefield St

11 Jan - Ponga frond, Devon St

12 Jan - Courtenay Central, deserted early in the morning

13 Jan - Garden, Victoria University

14 Jan - Flat door

15 Jan - Tamarillo barista, moving fast

16 Jan - Kaharoa, NIWA coastal vessel (with clouds!)

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