tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Excuse me Madam, your geek is showing!

Area = 1/10 hectare (actually 600 square metres but we are being generous)

Average kg dry matter/ha/day growth in Tirau - Feb 47, Mar 20, April 19 (average for the 10 or so weeks for regrassing to take) = 29kg/day

For us this means 1/10 = 2.9kg/day.

Number of days - Feb 20, Mar 31, Apr 30 = 81.

2.9kg x 81 days = 234.9 kg dry matter.

* * *

Good quality hay has a MD of 8 is 85% DM, autumn pasture has MD of 11. 11/8 = 1.38. So, we need 234.9 x 1.38 = 325, x 100/85 = 382 kg of good meadow hay to replace the pasture.

One square bale = 25kg, so we'd need 16 bales at say $10 (at the outside) each, budget $160.

* * *

Barley meal has an MD of 12.5 and is 85% DM.* 11/12.5 = 0.88. So we'd need 234.9 x 0.88 = 206.7, x 100/85 = 243.2kg of barley meal.

Barley meal costs $400 a tonne, so we'd need 1/4 tonne, = $100 roughly.

* * *

Pasture silage (baleage is just silage in a wrapped bale instead of a stack) has an MD of 10 and is 20% DM. 11/10 = 1.1. So we'd need 234.9 x 1.1 = 258.9, x 100/20 = 1295kg of silage.

Baleage costs ~$65 a bale for the quality we'd be looking at. Bales weigh approx 500kg, we'd need 2.

* * *

So there you go, budget $150-200 for feed replacement.

Most figures came from here: http://www.dexcel.co.nz/farmfacts.cfm?id=139


Recommended sowing rate for perennial ryegrass = 30-36kg/ha, so we'd need about 3.5kg of seed at around about $6/kg. That's another $21.

*In case anyone even remotely cares, DM is dry matter, the common method by which feed quantity is measured - what's left after you take the water out (usually done in the microwave). MD is metabolisable energy per kg of dry matter - the common method of measuring feed quality.

Doop de dooo.....

So, Farmer Kev, still think we're a bunch of dumb townies?

The short story is, the farmer who leases the land that Kiwiburn is going to be held on has been making noises about our burn patches, and the regrassing removing feed from his rotation. Fair enough. But he was also making noises to the tune of $500 in terms of feed replacement.

So I went all farm geek on his ass.


I know, I know, I can't help myself sometimes. I like having shock/surprise value. ;-)

In other news, the boss just came round handing out Jelly Tips because our air conditioning has broken down. I'm munching on ice cream and feeling happy that it's finally warm enough to need air conditioning.
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