tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

QOTD - "Now you get to join in the lesbian fun!" O.o

My blog is full of geeks! There are numerous people on my friends page having orgasms over the new iPhone. And now I've mentioned it too! Oh noes!

I am having orgasms over something else. Nuff said.

Also, you know that question "Do you think my butt looks big in this?" I am never ever ever going to say that to anyone ever. *shakes head vehemently* Because being asked a similar question by a man, makes me go *meep* and swallow my own lips. And then I go get a very large shovel and start digging myself a hole. A very large hole, which you could maybe grow spuds in.

Girls, improve the world a little and never ask this question, mmk?

I made it to 54kg over Christmas. Woot! Slipping a little now though, since I finished all the potato chips in the house. And I'm contemplating making furniture out of cardboard carpet roll tubes. And jiggling in my seat.

(i may have taken spike this morning)

Last night, my sleep was plagued with visioney dreams, and I woke up quite a lot. Journeying followed by channelling will do that to you. Now I'm at work with absolutely nothing to do, somebody give me something to doooooo!!!


I like that the feet got into this. The one on the left is mine, the one on the right is Some Guy (of Fark fame)

Ok, going now.. *bouncebounce*
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