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Someone else was feeling the same way I did this morning

Although, why they felt the need to chalk it on the pavement, I'm not sure.

There has been a distinct lack of good graffiti around for the last year or so, but I'm starting to notice it again now. My theory is that Mephisto made stencilling popular, and that kind of took over for a while. Now the stencillists have got really good at what they do and are everywhere, maybe the cheekyfunny non-stencillists are returning. Much to my delight. I don't think I've taken a good graffiti shot in the last year. Bring it on, I say..

Post-stencillism? I win at wanky art titles for today.

And - *big cheesy grin* Yep.

Oh. ferrouswheel. Kris and I reckon you should mix some Clegg-style african/psy stuff. Because, you know, you should make music just for us... ;-)
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